Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIWW – Dress, hair and shoes edition

So I’m a little bit proud of myself this week.  

Each day so far I’ve actually THOUGHT about what I was going to wear. 

I put on eyeliner.

Do you know that for years I’ve been scared of eyeliner?  Not scared of what it will look like…oh I LOVE that part…just scared of actually PUTTING on the eyeliner.  Always seemed a bit DANGEROUS to me ya know? 

Anyway, as I was saying…I THOUGHT about looking nice this week and for me that includes wearing something besides yoga pants and an old tshirt. 

I truly am referring to one such tshirt that advertises the musical 42nd Street I was an extra in in HS.  It’s soft and comfortable but yeah from the 90s. 

I’ve found something JUST as comfortable as that old tshirt and it makes me want to do a little kick in celebration!!!!!  

I am in LOVE with the lovliness of this dress from Old Navy.  It’s just like that old tshirt…BUT BETTER!


Now for my hair…it’s ALWAYS in a ponytail.  

I have shorter than shoulder length hair so that normally means a ridiculous pony tail that sticks straight out the back of my head…yeah I’m cute I know you don’t have to tell me.  

INSERT extreme amounts of sarcasm and subsequent eye roll.  

Monday & Tuesday I tried this style…pulled out of my early 2000’s hair style archives…but I think it still works!!!

And my new shoes…..oh how I love them!!!!!  

Got them this weekend at Target for $14.  L-O-V-E!  

Please disregard the non-L-O-V-E-L-Y unpedicured (is that a word) toes...yeah I know..."GET TO THE SALON LADY!!!"  

We’ll see what tomorrow brings but I’m hoping I’m on a roll here! 

I don’t want my daughter to think it’s ladylike to wear sweatpants every day no matter how comfortable it is! 

What’s that saying...”Beauty is pain”? 

Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic after all.

pleated poppy


  1. Haha, I hear you on the eyeliner!
    And that dress is cah-yute!!!
    And would you judge me if I told you that sometimes I get dressed to go out and do something, then take a picture for the blog, then immediately change into sweats?
    Yeah, I'm pretty hardcore stylin' up in here.

  2. Girl your hair is SO cute! And I want those highlights! So pretty. I think I'm the same way with putting eyeliner on the inside of my eyelid - still won't do it. I always think I'm gonna shove that pencil right through my eyeball! And I'm ALWAYS in sweats girl - and my hair up in a bun. I swear we are like the same type of people lol!

  3. Jovan girl you KNOW you are my soul mate!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sigh, I really want to do some WIW posts, but I'm so bad about it and feel weird taking pictures =) I think I'll get brave enough eventually!

  5. OMG! Ian was noshing his cheerios laughing his butt off at me! Saying, "Mommy funny!!!"
    Eye roll! Nothing like having your 2 1/2 year old making fun of you!
    Also, notice I have NOT ventured outside where anyone could actually see me taking these photos of myself!
    Baby steps you know! Haha!


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