Thursday, July 19, 2012

WIW – Copy Cat Closet

Today I am putting together MY VERSION of the Ma Nouvelle Mode Copy Cat Closet look and linking up with Natalia & Christie as well as Kelly @ The Grant Life.

The look we are going for here channels "A Summer Night Out".

I’ve thought for DAYS about what I could possibly put together that was something I HAD IN MY CLOSET because I literally have NO shopping budget AT ALL. 

How about a “fake” skirt?

Yep…a dress I tried to make look like a skirt…what do you think?  Did I fool you?

So yep, that skirt is really a sundress!   I added the tank and then belted it with a skinny belt and untucked the tank a bit to cover the belt.  

BTW, I made that bracelet.  Check out the tutorial here and while you are there give Paige a shout and check out her shop!  She's super cute and fun!

Oh and check out my headband.  I LOVE it!  I have NEVER ever worn anything like it before and I see all the cool kids wearing them so I was PUMPED when Laura over @ Along for the Ride sent it to me!!!  I HEART HER and her shop!!!  

Headband - Along for the Ride
Necklace - gift
Bracelet - homemade
Tank - Target
Dress - Old Navy 
Shoes - Old Navy 
the Grant life

pleated poppy


  1. I think you look adorable! Well done :)

  2. love it, Kelly, you look great! and you're wearing something on your head! if you jump around does it start falling off??? JK it looks pretty secure =)

  3. I was completely fooled! Love those shoes too!

  4. I stumbled upon you thru the Grant Life!

    I LOVE this look and those cute shoes :)

    Like I said on the other blog, this makes me want to find something funky to wear today!!

  5. Kelly!!! You are so stinkin' cute, I love it!! What an adorable outfit, and an excellent way to shop your closet, a dress as a skirt! I think you look so cute!

  6. Go Girl, you look awesome, I am loving those shoes! I too have seen many woman with cute headbands on I am going to start wearing them!

  7. You look so great!!! Love what you did for your version!! I tend to do that with my dresses all the time! More bang for my buck ;) Love ya!

  8. So CUTE! I love your "skirt" you tricked me!! Great job re-creating! And can I just tell ya, LOVE the headband...I was gonna wear a headband to work just like that the other day but just wasn't brave enough (YET)

  9. You are adorable! And your dress totally looks like a skirt! I'm going to have to try that trick. =)

  10. You are so stinking cute. I love that, dress. And your shoes too!!

  11. Love it!! You're so adorable!! Xoxo

  12. That's one of my favorite tricks & something I did for the "Summer's Night Out" series too! You look great! :)
    Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

  13. You look great and I am super envious of the shoes! Super cute!

  14. You look great! I love the look, and that 'skirt'! ;)

  15. Lookin' cute girl! Love them shoes! I'll have to start doing this too whenever my life calms down lol.

  16. Cute outfit!!

    Love your blog - found it via "Framed Frosting" Summer Bloglovin Hop :)

    Smooches from Germany!


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