Thursday, August 16, 2012

Copy Cat Closet – Weekend Away

It’s that time in the week again kids.  #CopyCatCloset time!  This week was especially awesome because I got to pose with my girl Christina @ Tico and Tina!!!  She and her posse (aka, hubs, ADORABLE kiddos and intern-extraordinares Krista and Randall) have been visiting us this week as a part of their Blank Canvas Tour.  We’ve had SUCH a good time just hanging out and talking all things blogging, adventure, kiddos, etc.  Random fact, they went to collage 40 min from where I grew UP!  I love how small the world is sometimes!

This week’s inspiration was “Weekend Away” which included a bright piece, hair up and you get to choose makeup.

Check out our inspiration below:

And here’s OUR version:

Skirt – Amazon
Tank – Old Navy
Cardigan - ???
Earrings – gift
Necklace – gift
Bracelet - gift

the Grant life
pleated poppy


  1. Haha! LOVE this! Love yall! And your outfits are pretty cute too :)

  2. I find us slightly amusing, LOL

  3. I just love that you did this! I LOVED the video over at Tina's blog:) you look adorbs AND like you are having fun :)

  4. SO SO SO Great!! Love you seeing two of my favs together for pics and good times. And as always your outfits are my favorites.

  5. You're so cute! I love that skirt and necklace combo!

  6. So jealous! Looks like a blast! Love you both! XOXOXO

  7. How fun!!! Love the poses and both your accessories! Too cute! :) Looks like you girls had a blast! :)

  8. obviously I am totally jealous! =D
    how fun!!

  9. hehe! loved the mini photo shoot! You two are so fun and beautiful! Awesome outfits too!

  10. I love bright pieces mixed with neutrals! You girls both look gorgeous!

  11. i love the copy cat idea! cute!

  12. I want to hang out with you guys!!!! So jealous.


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