Thursday, March 15, 2012

It’s a bright bright bright bright sunshiny day!!!!

Just look around there’s nothing but BLUE skies!!! 
Beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Look at those boys!  SO CUTE!

Those BLUE skies and WARM temperatures are just the icing on the cake for all of THESE things:

1)   My husband who stays up to give our 7 week old baby girl her last feeding

2)   To be able to take my children to the park and not worry about our safety here in the ‘burbs

3)     My newly developing freckles because that means I’ve been outside in the sun!

4)   A newly discovered yummy snack:  CLIF MOJO Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar found here SOOOO GOOD!!!!

5)   Cell phones because it means I can text my bestie ANYTIME!

6)   Flip flops

7)   Automatic doors on our minivan

8)   The Fresh Beat Band (click here) – ALWAYS makes the kids happy without fail if it’s been one of THOSE days

9) Washable Markers

10)           A cup of green tea and some quite time this afternoon

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