Saturday, April 21, 2012

The story of how we met

You know the story…those 2 people that have known each other since they were kids.  They grew up hating each other but then about 8th grade they both realized the other isn’t so bad after all.  These 2 went to all the homecoming dances…went to prom together…graduated high school and college and then got married.  That isn’t our story…

Then there are the cool college kids…they met in psychology and were inseparable…except when they had a fight…but then they were inseparable again.  They got engaged junior year and got married right after graduation.  Well, that isn’t our story either.

I was 25 working at my first REAL professional job.  I had finished college a year prior, owned my own condo, my own car with a sunroof.  I had friends I loved and who loved me.  I had been a bit unlucky in love I guess you could say…had a few boyfriends but no one I should have ever settled down with.  I was pretty content with what was going on at that point in my life. 

There was a super kind guy I worked with named Justin.  He worked in VA and I was in Ohio.  We started adding little personal notes to work emails…and before I knew it we were telling each other about our weekends, families, friends…our lives.  

So I look back and think "that was sorta weird" but at the time it seemed perfectly normal I promise.

I think we stared working together in Julyish?

My birthday is in November and he was the first person to wish me a happy birthday that day!!!  He made an e-card and called me by 10am to ask me if I got it.  I couldn’t view it at work so I gave him my personal email so I could look at it at home.

That night I had plans with a group of friends to go out to dinner for my birthday.  After I got home I looked at the ecard.  It was a ridiculous dancing monkey…at least I think it was a dancing monkey…it sang a song I think…I don’t remember very much just that it was this funny monkey.  Haha!  Maybe you had to be there but it was funny! 

I emailed him back to say thank you and HE EMAILED BACK right away…somehow I gave him my number and he called and we talked on the phone from about 1030 that night to about 4am!!! 

Note of importance here is that neither of us like the phone.  If I don’t call you it’s not that I don’t like you…it’s that dang phone.  Text messaging was made for me!

Somehow in the next week we decided I should come to VA for a visit.  

To me it was a fun adventure (I was a bit dumb back then…I mean the guy could have been a killer or stalker or something!!!!!).

Thank goodness he turned out to be the most “gentlemanly” guy I’ve EVER met!!!! 

We had an AMAZING first date and it’s a good thing because if it had been a disaster it really would have been AWKWARD…I mean I didn’t fly home for another 2 days!!! 

He took me for fondue at The Melting Pot!!  I LOVE that place!!  We shared a bottle of Riesling and LOTS of yummy fondue. 

We had the BEST table in the house.  It was back sort of away from everyone else in the corner.  We had a WONDERFUL view…of an industrial size garbage bin….hahaha…despite the view it REALLY was the best table in the house…it wouldn’t of mattered much anyway I don’t think. 

Note:  This is us on our was only 6 months later...yeah that's another post...

I remember as we walked into the restaurant I slid my hand in his and I know this sounds cheesy but I SWEAR it just felt like I’d always been there.  I know, I know...CHEESE BALL but its true!


  1. Aw, that's so great. I do love a good love story!

  2. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!!

  3. Such a sweet start to your story! Can't wait to hear how it all unfolds.

  4. Aww so sweet I just love cheese balls LOL.

  5. That was a sweet entry :) Makes me want to write about mine!! Hmm, maybe I will... :)

    I met my husband at work, too!

  6. what a sweet story!! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop.

    Viv at

  7. that smile totally put a smile on my face!! Love it! Newest follower from the blog hop! :) Glad I found your blog.

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  9. awe!!!!!!!!!!! I remember hearing about your little love story through the grape vine back then :) So cute :)

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  11. Nothing wrong with a little CHEESE in the story!! It sounds so sweet!! I'm stopping by from Blissful and Domestic's blog hop and I'm excited to be a new follower!! Hope you can stop by my blog sometime:)


  12. Hey Kelly! Just wanted to say thanks for linking up with the Networking Blog Hop.

    I do like a good love story! And the whole "we knew each other forever then realized we loved each other..." yeah, that's what storybooks are made of! :)

  13. Very cute story :) The "real" ones are always the best!
    One of the first things I put on my blog was hubby and I's story.

  14. You guys are soo cute! ;)
    Hey- if you have a second, check out my blog. I have something there for you! :)

  15. Found you from Life as we know it.
    I love this post! I wish I could have seen your view ;) Those are certainly the moments we cherish most, aren't they?!

  16. Girl it was pretty funny! My husband said he had forgotten about the dumpster until he read this too! Haha! They really really are!


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