Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Thing Thursday #1

Today I am excited to link up with GORGEOUS Jenna @ The Life of the Wife for her “the last thing Thursdays” link party! 

Love the randomness of these posts!!!  It’s just a fun fun way to get to know a little bit about your fellow blogging friends!

So here we go…


ATE:  180 Snacks Almond Pops With Cranberries  SOOO GOOD!


WANTED TO EAT:  A big ole cookie from the mall when we went Tuesday night!  I resisted!  SCORE!


BOUGHT:  Shorts at Old Navy and a pair of underwear at Victoria’s Secret BUT I had coupons for both that made them FREE!!!!!!!!  WHAAAHOOO!!!  So does that count???

SAW AT THE MOVIES:  Hunger Games

LAUGHED AT:  Elijah walking off the couch (onto the cushions…don’t worry!)  That kid has no fear!

CRIED AT:  A heart to heart talk with a good friend.

WATCHED ON TV:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

READ:  Twas the Night Before Christmas (Yeah I’m aware it’s May but they LOVE that book).  And of course for me a combo of blogs, this Beth Moore Esther study that’s pretty good and Oxygen magazine.


  1. LOL, what a fun post! We read Christmas books all year also :)

  2. You musta had tons of fun doing this. Love the colourful shorts.

  3. I want to try those clusters! I have some like it but not with cranberries! And good job on resisting that cookie! I CANNOT say no! :)

    So happy you linked up this week! Hope you'll do it again!

  4. This is such a fun idea! Love it!
    And free shorts and undies?! Sounds like a good deal to me!!!

  5. How fun! Good job on the cookie, I would've caved in and ate it ;)


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