Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Swapper Feature Post #2

Good evening everyone!!  

I wanted to share a few more of my sidebar peeps with you!


Carolyn @ My Simple MESSterpiece will INSPIRE you to redo that yardsale dresser or FINALLY make those curtains you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest!!!  SHE HAS AMAZING TUTORIALS!!  Did you hear me????  SHE HAS AMAZING TUTORIALS!!! 

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I'm married to my best friend in the whole world. My hubby is my rock.

We live with our 3 "girls" (a/k/a puppies), who we like to spoil rotten!
I'm the mom of 3 boys. My kiddos are all grown up now - my 2 youngest sons are in the Navy.

I love crafting, home improvement, furniture painting, home decorating, gardening, and just about any other project where I get to make a mess!
I tend to have several little messes (projects) going on at any given time. Seriously ... at this very moment there is stuff scattered across my formal dining room, a spare bedroom, the corner of my living room, and the basement. I'm a mess, what can I say! My hubby once referred to one of my completed projects my "messterpiece" (a/k/a masterpiece) and I loved it! I think "messterpiece" is a perfect description of my little projects, so when I decided to blog about my mess-making project adventures it only seemed appropriate to use "messterpiece" in the name of my blog.
I just started blogging in January, but I've been doing my little projects for as long as I can remember. I'm the type of person who just isn't happy unless I am busy, busy, busy. It's not in my DNA to sit around for too long, but sometimes I wish it was (and so does my hubby!).


Jenn @ Dainty Revelations seriously makes me laugh all the time.  We have the same sense of humor which makes for fun comments and emails back and forth!  LOVE HER!!!

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Hoping for a change of pace, I started the dainty revelations blog at the start of this year as a place to put every errant thought I felt worthy of typing out! Sharing glimpses of my thought process felt like giving out little secrets - but that name was taken, and the thesaurus gave me dainty revelations. Over the last 5 months, the blog has evolved to a typical Mommy spot - complete with experiences in motherhood, preschooler ideas, crafts, and the occasional personal anecdote. Peppered with humor and a whole lot of coffee, I hope to share both my personal & blog growth with an awesome crowd of fellow bloggers! :)


Kristina @ City Corporate to Suburb Mama leaves me the sweetest comments and I feel like we DEF would be real life friends if we lived near each other.  We both have little ones and pretty much have the same ideas when it comes to raising them.  It’s so nice to share things about being a mama with a mama like her!

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Hi! I'm wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and mami to 3 wonderful little kiddos, 6, 3 and 1.  I left the corporate world when our youngest was born, to become a stay-at-home mom and my life has never been more full of adventure! Blogging is definitely my outlet in this crazy adventure we call life and it's also a great way to document our kiddos' lives. The chances of me filling out their baby books are very slim at this point! :) My life-long desire to is to draw closer to the heart of my Heavenly Father and be the wife and mother he has destined me to be. 


Kristin @ Tales From The Nook  is SUPER FUNNY!  I enjoy being on twitter just to see what she’s going to talk about!!!  LOVE this girl! 

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Hi! I'm Kristin and I blog at Tales From the Nook. I'm a newlywed living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wonderful hubs, Ethan, and my 2 dogs, Bayley and Chase. Tales From the Nook is my personal blog about my life-food, fun, fashion, fertility...I've got it all. Stop by and say hello!


You know the drill!  Ch-ch-check ‘em out! 


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