Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quest, the LOVE rock & Doritos

3 little girls, a love of Doritos & plaid Christmas choir dresses with lots of crinoline.  Oh and don’t forget the mountain dew or the .25C dues….

God Bless the USA was the presumptive BIG HIT and Quest was the name of the band.


2 of my besties growing up were Al & Ceece.  Loved them then AND I STILL do!!!  Seriously, FANTABULOUS ladies!  Back then …gosh how old were we guys?  8-10ish?  How old are you when you are in the 5th grade?  Am I even right on the ages here?????

Me and Al


Anyway, doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter are the memories we made.  

You see we had a band.  The name of the band was Quest.  (Not to be confused with A Tribe Called Quest.)  We met…gosh was it once a month… the details on some of these things are hazy but what ISN’T is how IMPORTANT it was to us and how much FUN our meetings were.  I mean we honestly never actually landed a gig.  What we DID do was a lot of planning.

The meetings I remember the most were at Ceece’s house.  She lived right by a creek and we used to spend hours walking up and down that creek exploring and laughing and talking and imagining countless things.  Down the creek from her house was this HUGE flat rock in the middle surrounded by the shallow water.  For some reason we called it the “Love Rock”.  I have no idea why!!  Do you guys remember?  Our band photo shoots were going to take place on the “Love Rock”. 

Our moms were going to do our hair and makeup . 

Our outfits were going to be these INSANE (and by INSANE I don’t mean a good INSANE…but back then we thought they were AWESOME!!!) red plaid dresses with lots of crinoline that twirled when you danced…those we were going to “borrow” from the 5th and 6th grade choir Christmas program closet at our elementary school.  WHO would actually let us borrow them?  Well we didn’t get that far…nor did we think that part through.  

You know to kids the sky is the limit!!!  Anything is possible. 

Snacks were of the utmost importance at our meetings.  On the menu?  Doritos & Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!!  AMAZING!!!!! 

We also collected dues to support our band….I am pretty sure the dues were 25cents a person per meeting?  Perhaps THAT’S why we never really made it…..

Our songs for Quest were good!  Inspirational one might say although a little too close to the originals…God Bless the USA was a favorite…perhaps THAT is why we never really made it…..

Regardless of WHY our band didn’t exactly get off the ground what did was our friendship and our life there in the country.   We were innocent and loved our little lives.  

And now as an adult I look back to those days and am SO thankful for those memories.  SO THANKFUL for this story to record.  So THANKFUL that I can still very much call those women friends.

Perhaps we should have a “reunion” over Skype with Doritos and Mountain Dew.  BUT, since we are all SAHMs perhaps the dues will have to be nixed all together!!!


  1. Love this! Your words took me back to memories of my younger years and the girls I grew up with. Memory lane is always lovely.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  2. Hee, hee! I totally remembering planning things like this and never quite being able to follow through. Now my eleven year old daughter is the same way. I catch myself chuckling at her plans behind my hands all the while smiling in support.

  3. I think we were totally awesome and I'm still surprised that we were never signed to a major label. I think we could have definitely pulled off being a cover band at least. Didn't we sing a lot of New Kids on the Block when we weren't "performing" our originals?


  4. LOL! Ceece, I thought we were totally awesome too!!! I LOVE going down memory lane like this especially when the memories are SO AWESOME!!!! Yay! I'm glad you liked it!!!!!!!! It made me miss you like crazy!

  5. LOL I love this nostalgic post, it is Awesome! How fun to get a glimpse into your past. The Pictures ROCK :) :) :)

  6. This is really sweet. I love that your snacks were Mountain Dew... a total main staple in any diet and Doritos. Classic. To have childhood friends that remain throughout the years is what it's all about.

  7. haha, doritos and mountain dew would definitely be a necessity for a reunion between you crazies! at least that's what it sounds like. It also sounds like you were all too cool for school!

  8. Ah childhood memories are the best!


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