Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TMI Sally, fishy shoes & Perky June

So back in my teenage Bob Evans working days I was known as June. 

Nope, not me.

Long story short there were “too many “Kellys”” working at that particular Bob Evans and since I was the LUCKY last one hired I went by my middle name…June. 

Why I didn’t tell them it was Anne or Beth or something I will never quite know…but…June it was.

(And just so you know I LOVE my middle name.  It's after my grandmother who I never met and it makes me happy to know a part of her is ALWAYS with me!!!!  It's just that at age 16 most girls probably don't want to go by June if that's not their name...besides I got sick of people asking me if my birthday was in June...for the record it's in November.)

So……during my time there quite a few “interesting” things happened. 

One of my co-workers decided I was a good one to confide in (my 16 year old self btw) about all the gory details of her love life with a MUCH older man…can you say EW???????????  I sure “learned” a lot…UCK!! 

I spilled a perch dinner on the floor and all over my shoes…and when the bus boy cleaned off my shoes (his choice not my idea) we both noticed I was wearing 2 different styles of black shoes.  Equally stylish K-Swiss non slip and original style Reebok.  AWESOME!
And then there was this one time...I actually got called out FOR BEING TOO PERKY!!!!!!!!!  W-W-WHAT?  Yep, that’s right folks.

I will NEVER forget it!  

There was a family of a mom, dad and 4 kids around my age.  I went up and introduced myself like I always did and the man looked me square in the eye and said something like, “WOW!  Now YOU are a PERKY one aren't you????!!!!”  He looked at me like I was an alien!  I didn't even know what to do but still to this day I think well HECK, wouldn't you RATHER have a NICE PERKY server at Bob’s than a rude Eeyore of one? 

Things that make ya go “hmmm”…

And just because I've been suck in the 90s lately…here ya go.

PS:  Yes, I realize that was a random story.

PPS:  Did you know if you go to the Bob Evans website there are RECIPES???  SCORE!!!!  Click here for down on the farm goodness.  

PPPS:  You are very welcome!


  1. your perkiness is a very important part of you! and of COURSE I would rather have you than an eeyore - silly old man. what funny stories you have from Bob Evans =) thanks, Bob!

  2. What a wonderfully great random story. Too funny. And I love Bob Evans...


  3. Haha! Too funny Kelly! Or June? Ha! I love that your perky!

  4. I would think a perky waitress is a good thing! :) I worked at Bob Evans in College...ah the memories...I can still smell it :) LOL

  5. Gosh, I haven't been to a Bob Evans in years. They have them where I grew up in the midwest, but they don't have them in New England...

    I would always appreciate a perky server. I might make a comment once they're gone that they're entirely too perky for me when I'm feeling tired and cranky, but a perky server is ALWAYS better than the alternative!!

  6. Oh wow. At least you weren't working at a 50's style diner with the name June. Too many Cleaver jokes to ponder.

    I swear, waiting tables is the worst job ever. And for the record, I would absolutely prefer a perky server every time.


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