Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog Angels – A recap!

Being a Blog Angel has been a fun way to spend the month as a blogger! 

It afforded me the opportunity to pay extra special attention to someone I already knew, to get to know her better and promote her via social media any way I could without being obvious.  Hm…well I’m not sure I succeeded in the obvious part.  Maybe?  We’ll see…

Without further ado…

I was a Blog Angel for Kelley Grant @ The Grant Life

I had so much fun doing this for Kelley because I genuinely just LOVE this girl!  We have the same sense of humor and I really enjoy reading her blog on a regular basis.  This month I made an extra effort to leave her comments to show her I truly do value her as a blogger and friend!

I’ve put together some little surprises as well and sent it to her this week! It should be arriving any day now Kel so let me know when you get them!

I enjoy you girl so keep doing what you are doing!


  1. You are the nicest bloggyland friend in the www...that's whole wide world NOT world wide web.

  2. Ahhhh! I had no idea! Thats awesome! Awww.. I dont even know what to say! Thank you sweet friend.. for everything! :)

  3. Fantastic effort here Kelly! Hope you're enjoying your holiday too. I've linked up for you and am glad that you had fun with the project.

    Rosie xx


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