Monday, June 11, 2012

Ian's 3 (Almost)! 1st it's pirates & then the UFC

I can’t believe it!  My baby is 3 (well ALMOST)! 

TECHNICALLY his birthday is next Saturday BUT we celebrated with some family and friends THIS Saturday...AND it's REALLY his SECOND party!!! 

This kid is one lucky guy!  When we were in Ohio, my mom threw him a Pirate party.  Suffice it to say he was a BIT excited about that!!!  He’s been running around saying “Arg, Matey” since.

This Saturday we threw him a UFC themed party.  

He is ALL boy and loves anything “fighting”.  

Daddy’s influence much? 

We had a small party with a few friends and some family.  

It was low key and a lot of fun for Ian. 

NEXT weekend Daddy and I are taking Ian on an adventure all by ourselves!!  Thanks to Meme and Pop Pop for watching the rest of the crew so we can celebrate Ian's special day just the 3 of us!!  

Can't wait!

PS:  I'm posting over here too!!!  Thanks Paige!

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  1. That cake turned out awesome! I am so anti-fighting and violence and worry about my baby boy when he gets older! Paranoid much?!

    Time spent with family and friends is the best. Who can ask for anything better?

  2. One on one time with Ian! That sounds like a gift for you also! Here's to making memories!

  3. You did a great job on his party, especially his shirt and the cake! I wonder i he's going to start thinking it's normal to have 3 birthday celebrations? What kid wouldn't want that!

  4. What a fun theme for little boys! I bet they had a blast! Happy early birthday to the little guy - he's adorable!!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  5. The cake looks awesome Kelly!
    Happy birthday to your little boy :)

  6. Awwww happy birthday cute little Ian! Can we hook him up with Leila!!k haha. Christina has dibs on my Wesley for her family!

  7. Happy Birthday to your lil guy. What a cute cake idea.

  8. Aw your little one is SO cute :) Looks like fun! xo

  9. How cute was that party! I love it! Does have a fav fighter?

  10. i think the fact that he loves ufc cracks me up! what a little man! :) and that cake--so cool! never seen anything like it!


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