Thursday, July 12, 2012

6th Wedding Anniversary Date Recap

As I shared in this post,Day 2 of our Florida vacation included an evening double date with Erin and Jarrett to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary on July 1st

We began the evening at the Velvet Lounge @ the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios.  This hotel is GORGEOUS!!  I would LOVE to stay there some day!

We had a drink and just caught up on life.  This time with them was really special since we don’t get to see them but a few times a year now that we live in different states. 

After our cocktail hour we headed over to Luma one of their favorite restaurants.  It did NOT disappoint.  They are friends with a server and chef there and we were able to eat at the chef’s table and watch all the goings on in the kitchen.  We had a great time talking with the chef as well.  He is just a WONDERFUL person who TRULY loves what he does!!

Dinner was FANTASTIC!!

We took a walk around Winter Park after dinner.  Winter Park is a romantic little area perfect for our date night. 

The night was PERFECTION!


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  2. Love the bathroom pic haha! Sounds like a nice time!

  3. aw happy 6th!

  4. What a FUN night! Happy Anniversary!

    6 years.. fabulous. :)

  5. That food..... made me hungry. (and I just ate!)
    Isn't it so much fun to spend time with friends?

  6. It looks like an awesome time!! Glad you had such fun. :D

  7. happy anniversary!! sounds like a perfect night!! xoxo

  8. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating!

    Here from Just Because Fridays!


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