Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Real Life Houtz House Party

I'm so happy to get to join the Houtz House Party today! Our family had the privilege of being part of the party in person this summer, and let me tell you that it was a blast :)
Justin & Kelly were one of about 18 families and individuals who opened their homes to us as we traveled around the US for two months, meeting and videoing people and telling their stories.
Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Houtz's we were behind on a bunch of work and ended up having to play catchup instead of getting to hang out and be girly with Kelly the whole time like I had envisioned :( We DID manage to do a fun little photo shoot to link up for the Copy Cat Closet fashion challenge, though, and even got it on video! We're a little silly like that :)
I can't tell you how thankful I am that I was able to meet Kelly through our blog earlier this year. I look forward to getting to hang out with her many more times in the future, SOMEHOW or another :)
I'm thankful for the internet which makes it possible to be a part of so many more lives and experience so many more viewpoints. My life is truly enriched by your stories, encouraged by what God is doing in your lives, and blessed through your telling.
Justin & Kelly were gracious to tell us their story via interview and we are really looking forward to sharing it! Until then, check out the video of getting to meet her, and Justin telling a story about a sketchy gas station ;)
you can also watch Justin talking about a new idea for a reality show and Justin & Kelly telling about when they tried out for Wheel of Fortune :)
I hope you enjoyed this little real life look into the Houtz House (well, the old one, since their recent move is why we're all getting to take over Kelly's blog :) ) I personally can't wait until Kelly is back!!!

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