Friday, October 19, 2012

The Mommy Club

Howdy, ya'll!
I'm Hannah from Hurley Love.

I'm not from Texas or the South.
Born and raised in Northern California.
I'm a new mommy and am here today to share my thoughts on being a part of the mommy club.

Now when I first got married. I was automatically entered into this competition about how big the diamond was on my ring. I couldn't care less, but that is the first thing you get asked. 
"Let me see the ring."

Well, now being a mommy. I'm in a new competitive game.

Its called "Are you a good parent and is your child smart/pretty/sleepy/active/attached/scheduled enough."
Have you been entered into this game? DOn't ya love it {insert sarcasm thickly here}

Don't get me wrong I have met some quality mommas and great kiddos, but every now and then you get hit by an iceberg and gotta put up the mommy defenses.
I was once given this advice "Don't take anyone's. You will know your baby better than anyone else."
And its the truth right?

As a Christian, I'd wish we realize that we are each an individual with a different path and different perspective. I wished we loved more.
As a woman,  I'm saddened that we can't be more supportive.
As a mom, I feel pressured to join in on the gossip.
As an athlete, I feel that inner competitiveness for our baby to be #1 in all areas.
I'm realizing more and more to appreciate everyone. To encourage them in their walk through parenthood. 
I feel like there aren't enough of us wanting to lend our support. Honest. Genuine. Sincere.

I'm here to encourage you the next time you hear a wailing baby or mom reprimanding her child, or parent spanking their kid, just remember we all need a little grace. 
We all need a little reminder that we are all doing our best. 
Let's be encouragers. I know that is not my first instinct. But I'll do it if you will.
Hands in!!
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  1. The "Keeping up with the Mommies" game is a never ending cycle. And not a fun one.

  2. I love the guest post today! So true! Love it!

  3. Love this Hannah! Little miss is so cute! I miss having a baby, you are really going to give me baby fever LOL


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