Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspired By

This week I've been especially blessed by a few posts last week and I want to share them with you to encourage you to go and read them if you haven't!

Gertrude @ A Chosen Remnant with her post “Champions Cheer Us On”.  Her encouragement here to run the race set before us touched my heart so and spurred me on to keep starting over with Jesus each day.

Sarah @ The Fontenot Four hit me upside the head with her post “It's Not About You”.   She is an AMAZING encourager with her words: “When we don't take the time to consider the impact of our actions on others, we do them a disservice. On the other hand, when we adopt a humble attitude, one of putting others needs ahead of our own, we become more Christ like“.

Katie @ A Heart Consumed told me straight from God I’m convinced of it, to watch my words ESPECIALLY with my kids, in her post “Let My Words Be Few”.

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What have you been learning in the Bible?  Please join myself and these fantastic ladies for this encouraging linkup!  

Sarah at Fontenot Four 
Falen at Upward Not Inward 
Kelly at Exceptionalistic 

Tales of Beauty for Ashes

Into the Word Wednesday Blog Hop Rules:
1. Write a post about what God is teaching you this week.
2.  Follow the host and hostess. 
3. Grab a button to put on your blog - the more the merrier!
4. Check out (and comment) other people's blogs and be blessed by all the sisters and brothers around the world!


  1. Hi Kelly ! So I was totally shocked when I came to your blog today and your my post as a featured post ! So shocked. God bless you and may we continue to encourage each other to reach higher heights in the Lord !

    Have a beautiful day (we're supposed to get snow here in Philly, eeeek !).


    Gertrude @

    1. Gertrude!! Yay! I'm glad you were blessed my friend!!! I can't wait to read more from you! Did you end up having snow?

    2. Hey Kelly, what we had was more of a hail/ice storm. Nothing too serious though. Have a great day.


  2. how sweet that you spotlight other bloggers. Amazing!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention today Kelly!! I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for being such a great friend! :)

  4. I loved reading all three of these. Thank you for posting them. I hope your day is blessed and infused with a big (good) surprise.

  5. you are so sweet, and i love this post. your blog is darling and we are your new followers! XO

  6. I love love love discovering new blogs- Thanks for sharing so many great posts/people/blogs! Loving your blog too, of course! xo


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