Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Got Lost & I’m Thankful For It

First off...i'm sharing a little bit of my heart over at my friend Kelly's blog today!  Go check it out and read a little about her!  I promise you will enjoy her so much!!!

And next...

Lisa is a friend I've had since almost the time I moved here.  We clicked pretty quickly and no matter how much time goes by between visits we always have good heart to heart talks and enjoy each other’s company.  We always joke that we are grateful for each other since we are both “normal”.  Hm…guess you have to be there but if you knew our convos you’d understand…

We had the chance to go hiking together on Sunday and towards the end of our hike we must have missed a turn somewhere because about as soon as we started questioning where we were we came to this:

…SO not the end of the trail at the shelter house like we were expecting.

So we had no choice but to do this:

The GOOD thing is we DID know where we were and fortunately we just had a little extra time to spend together to get to where we “should have” come out.

Heck if we hadn't gotten off the “blue trail” we wouldn't of seen this suckerin the middle of nowhere!  I mean seriously odd placing but STILL cool!

We agreed it had to be SUPER creepy at night.  It IS in the middle of the woods…

...ok the woods by the side of the road…but STILL…AND it totally looks like a headstone.

I am thankful for the time outdoors with a good friend.

I am thankful for the exercise and therapy session.

I am thankful for getting lost so I could see a little slice of history I wouldn't of otherwise gotten to see.

I am thankful for BIG water pumps.

I am thankful for the freedom to be a bit random with my writing.

THANKFUL to be linking up with Tico & Tina & From Awkward To Art for BLESSED this week.  

PS:  I am BLESSED to call both of them my friends!!!  LOVE you Christina & Julie!


  1. Love this post Kelly! Its so great to have friends you can talk with and get some fresh air at the same day! God was with you both the entire time! Thats a wonderful thing!

  2. Cute post, I love getting lost and finding new things :-) like an old pump :-) only in virginia ;-)

  3. I love to get lost...as long as I have some idea of where I am. Looks like a fun hike.

  4. sometimes getting lost is the best way to find something! love this!

  5. haha. love it. thankful for the freedom to be random with my writing =) you're adorabs... (dont tell anyone i used that word)

  6. hahaha! this is an awesome story, I'm only jealous that I wasn't there to experience it =) and we have a slightly smaller, white version of that pump outside our house!

  7. Awesome! I love getting lost..usually. What a cool way to spend your day. My friend and I got lost once while we were hiking. It was a definite test of will and endurance. Here it is, if you wanna see: http://www.coveredingrace.com/2011/08/kuliouou-valley-hike.html

  8. Hey honey love!! Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

  9. Love those unexpected hidden blessings :)

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog


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