Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Devil’s at the carwash baby…

Tonight I am sitting here perusing Pinterest, checking Facebook and thinking about this blog post. 

I’ve pinned a few workout related things tonight…
and a whole bunch of food related things…
…hey there has to be a ying and a yang right? 

I might have a little too much yang…anyhoo…

So this morning I’m sweating away to a PUMP workout…

For those of you who know what “Body Pump” (sometimes called “Muscle Pump”) at the gym is…well this is the home version of that.  Beachbody put it out.  They are the company behind Insanity and P90X and all those insane home workouts.

So anyway, PUMP is basically a weight routine set to loud music and it is an AWESOME workout! 

Here's a link if you are interested.

Seeing as I’ve had 4 kids in 3 years…I am fighting hard to get back into shape.

Geez, stuff just doesn’t go back the way it started!

So we get down on the floor to do abs…planks to be specific.  Well they are awesome and hey I can do them….BUT THEN……………………..the instructor decides we should do something he referred to as the “carwash” plank or something like that. 

Well, that’s when all H E double hockey sticks breaks loose.  I mean…you have to lift one arm and do a swiping “carwash” move on the floor while keeping the plank pose. 


Whoever thought of this exercise…while I applaud their creativity…must REALLY be the devil!!

Seriously, I could NOT do it!!!  Not once…SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF EVER I am able to do the “carwash” plank move in its entirety I will vlog about it so you can see it for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Me and all my sweaty glory! 

Now, that’ll be a sight!!!

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