Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank you Jillian...

“Most people don’t show up to their own life!”

Although I don’t believe that is true for MOST people Jillian might have a point! 

The Jillian I’m talking about is Jillian Michaels…you know the super hard core fitness guru made famous by her time on The Biggest Loser?  I just started her new workout series “Ripped in 30” and she made the above comment during her week 1 session.  

It’s all I could think about the rest of the time…well that and how I was super PO’ed that my hair tie broke and my disgusting sweaty hair was flopping all around for the last half of the dang workout video…oh and also that I can feel my stomach fat flapping around during the workout (the REASON for the workout)!!!!

Anyway...I digress...her comment that “Most people don’t show up to their own life!” really made me think about the importance of being present. 

About how being present…to me means being intentional with how your time in spent…with your husband, with your kids, with your personal time. 

Do I turn on a show for my kids instead of reading them that book for the 100th time

Will I keep looking at the clock hoping naptime comes a little faster so I can have some “Kelly time” instead of being grateful for those little ones? 

Will I rush upstairs to put away laundry “real quick” as soon as my husband comes home because it “really needs to be taken care of because it’s driving me nuts that it hasn’t gotten done today” instead of giving him my full attention as soon as he gets home from work? 

Do I pay attention to what he’s saying about his day or just nod to him as I finish up supper? 

Do I make an effort to do things that will improve myself?  Do I workout because I know it will make me feel better even if I’m tired…do I plan to eat well and follow through even If I’d rather just order out because I don’t feel like cooking that night? 

Am I grateful to Jillian for this very important reminder? 


What are you intentional about?  What should you be more intentional about?

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