Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Positivity – Creative Inspiration

What's Blog Positivity Week you ask?  Well, click here to find out!
I am normally a "follow the directions" kind of person.  I would say at 31 I am pretty new to getting my creative juices flowing…bit of a late bloomer you could say.  

Blogging is REALLY helping me broaden my horizons in this area.  

I am SO IMPRESSED by these bloggy women!



I wanted to take today to highlight a few of the REALLY AWESOME handmade items OR someday projects I’ve found along the way.  So without further ado:

1)  I am in COMPLETE LOVE with this color scheme!!! 
Artsy Anthropology

THESE are a HUNDRED TIMES…ok a MILLION TIMES…ok well just WAY BETTER than the plain ole overpriced version you can get from Amazon.  I LOVE me some AMAZON BUT…well I don’t think there is anything else to say.  THESE ARE just SO CUTE!!!  Paige just also happens to be really nice in addition to really talented!

2)  Mile Posts is one of the first blogs I ever followed.  She is an AMAZING runner, person and woman of God.  I feel like I really should know her in real life because I’ve read through her ENTIRE BLOG.  

   Any of you runners out there MUST read Dorothy’s blog!!  

   Besides, I happened to find this AWESOME crafty idea for jewelry storage on HER blog!  CHECK IT OUT!  She got the idea from her friend at www.thismamamakesstuff.com!  
Mile Posts
3)  Check out this ADORABLE idea!!!  As a mama of 4 kids still in diapers (yeah Ian and I are having a bit of a struggle…eek!) we have a LOT of diaper boxes around here!!  
   4)  HOW FREAKING INVENTIVE IS THIS???  Why can’t I think of something like that?  
    I DEFINITELY want to make this!!!

   5)   Let me tell you how much I love 52mantels!!!!  SUCH CUTE IDEAS!!!!!  I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS and SO want to do it for Julia’s 1st birthday party next year!!! 
   I can’t say enough how artistically inspiring this community is to me.  I am so happy I found all of you!


  1. Well, goodness! What a nice feature! I'm so flattered and honored! You've made my day :)

    I'm going to go take a look around your cute blog for a minute and then follow you on my way out!!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! I mean it girl your ideas are AMAZING! I AM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Can you come and decorate for me? Hehe!

  3. You rock my socks lady! I am putting up the sponsor post later, hopefully it sends some more people your way!

  4. OK- I LOVE the diaper box idea! I have way too many of those hanging around our house as well!


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