Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Positivity – A hearty welcome

It’s hard being the new kid on the block most places.  It doesn’t matter how friendly you are or even if you know someone where you are going…sometimes things can be awkward or clickish or well you know…

Jobs have been this way…even church…talk about uck on that one! 

True story #1:  When I was about 20 I worked in an office with a not so friendly gal.  One of those things ya know…not sure WHAT I did but she was not a fan.  I used to care a lot more about being liked than I do now so I suppose it did bother me a little bit.  I remember her staring at me when I was waiting for my supervisor on my first day.  She just stood there and looked me up and down.  It was the most awkward, strange, awful thing!!!  There were a few other stories with that chick that I won’t delve into but suffice it to say she was just not a very nice person.  Looking back it was obvious she wasn’t a happy person but that’s beside the point. 

True story #2:  I was visiting a church for the first time some years ago and it was a little different than I was used to so I was already a little uncomfortable.  I set down with the people I was with and this woman came out of nowhere and asked us to move so her people could come in and sit down.  It wasn’t that she asked us to move it was that she was RUDE!!!  Like really rude!  She was obviously very comfortable there so it wasn’t HER first time.  What a way to treat a guest!  UGH!

Well I am very happily surprised at the BEYOND welcoming atmosphere this blogland has been to me so far.  It hasn’t been hard at all being the new kid on the block!  I have had so many kind women come and say hi and offer GENUINE support, encouragement and friendship.  

And I hate to say this but darn it if it isn’t the truth…women can be catty!!  

I’m SURE it happens here just like anywhere else but I am HAPPY to say I haven’t seen it yet. 

I have only been treated to the heartiest welcome and that is pretty AWESOME!  

How’s that for positivity?!?!

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