Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Positivity Week – Ma Nouvelle Mode

Have you ever met someone who is so GENUINELY friendly to you when you first meet you are just really blown away? 

I want to write this little blog post to Natalia @ Ma Nouvelle Mode.
My girl Andi @ The Hollie Rogue was so sweet when I first started blogging.  She was my VERY 1st follower and when I started blogging regularly she even posted my brand new blog on facebook and encouraged friends/bloggers she knew to welcome me to this new world. 

Natalia was one of the very first bloggers to welcome me and was so sweet!  When I clicked on her google profile and saw Ma Nouvelle Mode I sorta freaked out.  I mean she and Christie are what I would call “big bloggers”!  Haha!  You might laugh at me but it’s true.  Blogging is a commitment and it DOES take TIME out of your life.  I feel 100% that that time is well spent BUT it can get time consuming quickly and when you have family commitments you really need to prioritize how you are going to spend your time online.  That being said it REALLY touched me that Natalia would care to take time to encourage a “newbie” little blogger like me. 

The kindness and genuine interest shown me is so appreciated. 

Every little bit of encouragement does wonders to a new girl in uncharted territory.  

You rock girl!!  I WILL pass on the blessing!!!


  1. Hi Kelly, Thank you for stopping by today at3 Wishes and leaving some blog love. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It is lovely to meet you and I am so happy you are feeling loved and encouraged. I am following you now. Have a fantastic Thursday!
    :) Janine

  2. Oh my word, you are so sweet, I want to cry! Size doesn't matter to me in this community, I feel like relationships do! And whether people act like it or not, we were all there at some point, putting out posts with 3 followers and one of them being our mom (and the other our husbands or something... haha) Anyway, girl I truly enjoy reading and I truly truly appreciate this post, what a blessing you were to me this morning!!

  3. SO glad you stopped by to say hi Janine!!!!

  4. thank you for sponsoring the Starbucks card on The Hollie Rogue. I am visiting your blog for the first time today - I like it!

  5. Oh you are welcome Lynne!!! So glad you are here!!!!!


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