Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blog Positivity – Meeting people you feel like you SHOULD already know

So some of you guys know The Momma Bird right?  Of course you do! 

She is cute and funny (check out her HYSTERICAL vlog here)!!
Strangely enough her parents actually live in the town I lived in in Ohio PRIOR to moving to VA…but one of the ways I actually sorta “know” her is from people FROM VA…she went to HS in VA and college in INDIANA with my sister in law!  BUT, she now lives in England with her military husband.  Got all that????

I tell ya it’s a SMALL WORLD folks!  


We started chatting via email recently and I just feel like she should be my REAL LIFE friend ya know?  

Michelle is as REAL as it gets on her blog and I appreciate that! 

Everyday life in our homes IS NOT all perfectly coiffed (yep THAT’s a $10 word!  Go me!) children and perfectly balanced supper on the table when hubby walks in the door at 6!  AND I SO APPRECIATE that she is real like that!  That is not her life and she seems perfectly ok with that.  WHO actually has that life?  I’d love to know!  Although maybe I wouldn’t...b/c then maybe I’d feel bad that someone actually has it is attainable (but hopefully no one does so it isn’t!  ha!!) 

Michelle, your posts are refreshing and make me happy!  I hope one day we can meet for coffee IN PERSON!  But, perhaps we might have to settle for coffee over Skype! 

Until then my friend…


  1. awe you are TOOO sweet!!!!!!! Thank you for such a nice post! I am beyond thankful to have you as a bloggy friend and who knows - maybe one day we CAN be 'real life' friends. ha ha

  2. Who doesn't love Michelle's blog! :)


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