Sunday, March 4, 2012

Enchilada Deliciousness!!!

I found the most delicious cheesy enchilada recipe online about a year ago!!! 

Since then this recipe has been a staple when we have company or when I take a meal to someone.

We were SO HAPPY to have my brother, his girlfriend and my niece to visit this weekend!!!  
We hadn’t seen them in SUCH a long time and the time together was just BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since all 3 of them have birthdays in February and March we decided to have a little birthday dinner for them since we aren’t able to share their special days with them in Ohio.

On the menu?

Whit’s Cheesy Enchiladas…recipe found here.

It calls for shredded monterey jack cheese.  Well Aldi didn’t have shredded in a bag so I decided to just buy a block and shred it myself.   That is WAY too labor intensive!!!

Next time I’ll just pick it up at Harris Teeter when I pick up the other random things I need there!! 

My bro was kind enough to shred it for me though!  What a lucky sister I am!

Finished!!  See how the cheese is perfectly brown?  I LOVE IT LIKE THAT!!!!  CRISPY and YUMMY!!!!

Cilantro Lime Rice…recipe found here.

Sweet Corn Cake…recipe found here.


Ice Cream Cake!!!

My mother-in-law always makes us a version of this for our birthdays and it’s SO incredibly EASY, MUCH CHEAPER and a WHOLE LOT TASTIER than those ice cream cakes you buy at the store!!!

Seriously, ice cream cake in 3 STEPS (ish).

#1: Bake brownies and let them cool.

#2:  Spread softened ice cream of your choice on top.  This one was vanilla.

#3:  Spread with cool whip.

If you want to top it with sprinkles, chocolate chips, candy pieces or chocolate sauce that makes it fun too!! 

We had such a GREAT time with our visitors and were SO SAD to see them go this morning. 

Love you guys! 

Sending all our love to Ohio!

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