Saturday, March 10, 2012


Don't you just LOVE that quote by Audrey Hepburn?!?!

Tonight's laugh?

Apparently, the kitchen table didn't get cleaned up very well after Ian's snack this afternoon...

During dinner J picked up a piece of what he thought was burnt cheese from his chicken parmigiana sub.

We had takeout so in his defense he WAS eating from a takeout the cheese could have easily fell out when he opened it....

It was NOT burnt cheese.

It was in fact a blueberry from Ian's oatmeal.

If ONLY you could have seen his face!!!  Not AT ALL the taste sensation he was expecting!

Perhaps this is one of those times you "just had to be there" to appreciate...

BUT that my friends is what makes life fun!  NOT that my husband ate an old oatmeal blueberry (although that was sorta funny and gross...maybe more gross) BUT the reaction of the kids to OUR laughter after it happened.

Ian started laughing and then Elijah and Jacob started laughing.  EVERYONE was laughing hysterically!

The whole house was SO HAPPY right then.


Don't you just wish you could bottle those moments?


  1. That is pretty funny girl! I could totally picture that. Wish I could have seen everyone laughing like that! Awwwww I bet that was a sight. :)

  2. Love that quote and this post... oh and this blog :) hehe

  3. oh my goodness, so funny!! Moments like those where you just laugh so hard, don't you love it??


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