Sunday, March 18, 2012

Real life & new bloggy friends! Spotlight!

One of the sweetest people I’ve met in my life blogs over at The Hollie Rogue.  

I am happy to say she’s a REAL LIFE friend!  Andi is married to my husband’s old roommate and good friend Jon.  

There are many things I LOVE about Andi but one of special importance is the fact that she is a fellow Midwesterner (a Hoosier to my Buckeye to be exact)!!  On top of the fact that we are both mamas to littles and married to guitar players I really think the fact that we “talk the same” lets us “click” on a special friendship level!  Apparently, some folk think people from the Midwest have a bit of an accent…who knew?!?!  Her favorite “pop” is Diet Coke after all.  What’s not to love?  

Andi also has been such an unbelievable encourager on this new bloggy journey of mine.  She is the one who encouraged me to take the leap and do this when I couldn’t possibly think anyone would care what I had to say!  Thank you Andi!  Your friendship is invaluable to me!

Please visit her and show her some love in the following places and tell her I sent you!

Alicia blogs over at The Seeley Family and is SUPER sweet!!!  She is one of the first bloggers who came to encourage me when I first “came on the scene”.  

She is a relatively new blogger as well and I KNOW she would LOVE your LOVE as well!  Go visit her and her ADORABLE fam over at her site!  

This lady also happens to sell some pretty cute jewelry through a company called Paparazzi Accessories.  I was the lucky winner of THESE puppies through a generous giveaway on her blog!!!

AREN’T THESE SOOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE!  I wore them for the first time this weekend while out on a date with the hubs.  I felt like I was a FASHIONISTA or something.  Ha!  If they can make ME feel that way think how this stuff can make YOU feel???  Check out her business facebook page here and tell her I sent ya!

You can get access to both of these girls by clicking on the icons on the right side of my blog as well.  They will be up there the remainder of the month.  I KNOW you will want to keep up with both of them so do me a favor and follow them!!

Hope everyone is having a FANTABULOUS weekend!!!!


  1. How sweet are you!?! You look gorgeous with those. Love how it goes with your yellow top!!! And you are a "fashionista" ya cute girl!!! :) Thanks for the sweetest shout out ever!!!

  2. You are TOO kind Alicia!!! Haha! You are WELCOME!!!!


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