Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another April Sponsor Feature

Hey everyone!  

I have some more fun people to feature today!  

PLEASE go by and say hi and follow them if you so choose.  I know they all like meeting new people! 

Kelly @ Managing Marbles has THE most adorable little ones!  I am a new reader to her blog and am enjoying myself a ton!  Check out this adorable post about what her little guy said recently…go ahead I’ll wait…ok you’re back…isn’t that the CUTEST THING EVER???????

Hi. I'm Kelly. I've gone from being a middle school teacher to a cupcake baker to a now blogging stay-at-home mommy. I blog over at Managing Marbles where I share what's going on in my little corner of the world...oh, and how I try not to "lose my marbles" on a daily basis. I have three beautiful boys and a totally cool husband.
Visit me on Twitter or Facebook. I'd love to "meet" you!

Next up is my REAL LIFE FRIEND OF 12ish years now, Jovan @ Jovan's Journey.  She is a brand new blogger and I’m so happy she’s beginning to share her life with you!!  She and I have emailed back and forth on an almost daily basis about all the crazy stuff that happens to us (we haven’t lived in the same state for 6 years) and I’m happy that you’ll be able to get in on the fun too!  Lately she’s been posting about all these awesome giveaways!  She’s like how the Krazy Coupon Lady probably was when she started out…but for giveaways!

My name is Jovan and my blog is called Jovan's Journey.  I named it that because I wanted a blog about things that happen in my life and life is a journey, that’s for sure.  The things I blog about are very random.  Lately, I’ve been blogging about giveaways or linking up with fellow bloggers or sharing the recipes I’ve tried (such as bone soup).  I am a newbie blogger so I’m still getting a hang of things.  I think my vision for my blog in the future is to somehow inspire or help people through my own adventures.  I’ve inspired people in my life with running and losing weight.  So I think I could possibly inspire through my blog, too.  My girl, Kelly, from The Houtz House Party, inspired me to start blogging.  I’m so glad she did!  You rock, girl!!

Britt from bee littlequeen is quite possibly the most positive person I’ve met so far.  Wow!  This girl has an outlook on life that just makes me want to be happy too and I appreciate EVERYTHING about THAT because goodness knows I can use that positivity in MY LIFE!  THANK YOU Britt!  I am so glad we met.

Hi there friends, my name is brittany, but you can call me britt. I write about my single-life happenings at beelittlequeen. 
I am a blogger, day-dreamer, hippie (because i like to be barefoot!), snail mail letter writer, daughter of God, big sister, animal lover, cardmaker and friend among other things.
I like to post about a bunch of different things regarding faith, fashion, crafts, book/music reviews & feature makeup video tutorials. I hope to inspire, encourage or make my readers laugh   through my blog. I love meeting new people, so come say hi!

Please check out these girls and tell them I sent ya!! 


  1. Wow you have lots of friends:)

  2. awh kelly you are the bestest! :) i am SO glad we met too ! Thank you for highlighting us and now im gonna check your other friends too! yaya

  3. Oh you are so welcome Britt!! It's exciting for me for everyone to get to know everyone!!!


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