Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More April swapper highlights

I want to share 4 more sidebar peeps with you today. 

Tico &Tina are FABULOUS!  Christina is one of those women who just seems to “get” me and is someone I am growing to appreciate more with each new blog post.  Last night during the #UBP12 Twitter Party aka chaos I didn’t really understand, I was just happy to be online so I could tweet with her for a bit!!  They lead SUCH an interesting life!  You HAVE to check them out!!!
Aren't they the SWEETEST FAMILY EVER???
We're a passionately creative, multi-cultural family who is currently self-employed and location independent. We're just sharing our crazy journey, and hope it encourages others along the way. we believe that we are all made for adventure, and while that looks different in different lives, we know that God's dreams and plans for us are often, if not always, much bigger than what we dream for ourselves. We are continuously amazed by his work in our lives. We recently returned from Costa Rica, where my husband is from, and our lives feel like one big transition, while we are anticipating some more crazy adventures this summer. We'd love to meet you if you want to come follow along on our very real life! =)

Tygre @ Joyfully Yours is a new bloggy friend too and I KNOW if we lived in the same time zone we’d TOTALLY be friends in real life too!  She’s a mama just trying to raise up her (super adorable) kiddos the way He says!

My name is Tygre and I recently started a blog over at Joyfully Yours.  My blogging adventure began with a desire to record the fun happenings of our family and the things that we learn along the way.  Oh, how time flies! I love being married to my wonderful husband, Tod and raising our two amazing children, Maevri and Deacon, at home.  I desire to reflect Christ in all that I do and we are learning so much in this season of our lives, so I hope you would check out our blog and be entertained and encouraged!

Bethany is A SUPER AMAZING mama!  We have SO much in common.  She’s got 3 littles all pretty darn close together as well so we probably always will have lots to discuss!!!  You will LOVE her heart as I do I’m sure of it!

Well hello there!
My name is Bethany and I blog about my adventurous life at Life Unexpected. I am 27 years old and I have 3 kids 4 years old and under. 2 boys and a little princess. Yes…I'm very busy!
God blessed my husband and I with our first (unexpected) pregnancy when we were married only 6 months. Then 7 months after he was born we were unexpectedly blessed again with our second pregnancy. With two boys in tow  we were finally happy to have planned a third pregnancy, and our sweet baby girl was born!
I love to blog about our life. Our crazy, nutty, messy, noisy life.
I talk about my love for Jesus, and how I'm trying to teach my kids to love and serve the Lord.
I will even occasionally blog about crafts, recipes, and other tips.
This is my place to let it out. I'm honest, open, and candid. Thanks for checking me out.
And thanks to the sweet Kelly for hosting this!
How awesome are you?!?
Come and check out my busy (but blessed) life at Life Unexpected.

And last but CERTAINLY not least (for today) is Reannah @ Shaped by Grace.  This girl just makes me happy!  She is kind and FUN!  You can just tell she LOVES life and that is reflected each time you visit her blog...oh and did I mention she's gorgeous?! 

Hi Houtz House Party fans! It's so nice to meet you! My name is Reannah and I blog over at Shaped by Grace! I'm an English teacher and single mom of two fun boys. I live in Orange County and I love the Lord, the beach, dancing and anything with the word chocolate in it! :)  My blog chronicles the good times, the food times & craft times. Life's not always easy, but together we get through -- guided by FAITH, grounded in LOVE, rooted in LAUGHTER, and shaped by His GRACE!

PLEASE do me a favor and go say hi to these AWESOME friends!  They are all FANTASTIC and are ALL enriching my life a little bit at a time.


  1. I am so happy I found out about the UBP12 party, all thanks to YOU!

    thanks so much for all you do, I can barely imagine how busy you must be and you still have time to get around ALL over the internet leaving encouragements with everyone you meet. you have a gift, my dear!

  2. Thanks for this! Means a lot to me!!

  3. Oh my gosh, you are just SO sweet! I am all teary eyed now! I agree with TicoTina -- you leave a trail of encouragement wherever you go! Thanks lady!! {PS -- I think we'd be friends if we ever met in real life.} ;-) Thanks so much!! xo, Reannah

  4. I really mean what I say when I say that you all are fantastic! I get all teary eyed thinking of you all too!! Reannah I am SURE we'd be friends in real life too! Gotta figure out one of those bloggy retreats to attend together!!!!!!!!! Or figure out our own with all our lovelies!! Maybe in 2013!!??!!

  5. Thanks SO much for the shout out Kelly! And, oh, how I wish we were in the same city! Wouldn't that be fun?! I'm so grateful for your encouragement and kindness in getting to know me and these other ladies! It means a lot!

    And I'm SO excited to meet all of these lovely ladies!

  6. Hi, Kelly! I found your blog on the UBP list, and I have been so touched as I've read through many of your posts.

    Thank you for living 1 Thessalonians 5:11. I know the Lord, Himself, smiles as your fingers touch the keyboard.

    Praying the Lord's blessing on your blogging ministry!


  7. Oh my goodness Sharon WHAT A COMPLIMENT!!!!! Thank you it really really means a LOT to me!!!


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