Friday, May 18, 2012

Escape to Costco

Well today I didn’t really feel like it was an escape.  The kids and I got along pretty swimmingly.  Only a few meltdowns/tantrums/food thrown on the floor…you know the usual when you have littles.  Oh yeah I think Elijah ate some crayon bits…but that’s pretty normal too so hey overall a good day!

Had to do the normal Costco run for some diapers, wipes, granola bars, cheese its…you know the usual goods.

I was VERY proud of myself.  I totally stuck to my list!  If you’ve ever been to Costco you KNOW what a feat that is AND that I DESERVE some kind of prize.  I would totally take one of those $1 Churros by the way!  


SO GOOD!  If you haven’t had one you SHOULD RUN ASAP and get one.  SO GOOD!  Oh yeah I already said that…anyhoo…

So hey this is a nice post so far…


AN EXERCISE IN PATIENCE (those caps are for you) by the way.  Hehe!

I digress…

So I go to the self-checkout after being told by an employee there was a self-checkout line open and it’ll be faster for me.  I had ALL big things in my cart pretty much (including the 100 pack of Diet Coke..well not 100 but you know what I mean) so I was doubtful but I headed over anyway.  Upon arrival I had to sort of fight with a teenage girl to be able to share the space between the other self-checkout and the carts.  I was a bit peeved but whatever what can ya do?

I checked out with my cart full of big and heavy items and headed down the aisle toward the exit for “receipt check”.  Mind you I was TOTALLY on the side walking out of the way at a nice pace…DEF not too slow and DEF out of the way!  Good thing because I see a man bringing up the rear veering around a poor lady “in his way” and coming towards me. 

For about 3 seconds there was that awkward moment when you walk next to someone and not really look at them and you feel like you are racing or something.  WEIRD!

THEN the crazy man (let me add he was on his cell phone) swerved around and in front of me RIGHT AT THE “receipt check” so I had to slam on my breaks to keep from hitting him.  HOW RUDE MR! 

Seriously pulling out the Stephanie on that one…

When it was my turn the nice “receipt checker” man gave me a bit of a head shake and I moved on and out to my car.

I sat there and brooded about it all the way home.  SERIOUSLY annoying.  

BUT…I don’t have too much time to dwell on that kind of thing too long.  I mean when I got home it was bath time and then bedtime with the kiddos and on to a nice evening of catching up on tivo and bloggy stuff. 

Happy Friday!

PS:  I will be a little bit distant the next week or so because I’ll be out of town visiting family in Ohio BUT that means I’m going to have a couple SUPER AWESOME PEEPS filling in a day or so for me.  


Have a lovely week guys and I’ll see you on the flip side (the flip side being after a LONG 8 hour car ride one way with 4 kiddos and then 5 days later the return trip).


  1. Have a blast on your trip!!!
    And I love that you pulled out the stephanie for the rude dude.

  2. Hope you have a fab trip my sweet new friend!! :) I loved the full house quote! My kinda gal ya are ;)

  3. No I feel the same way :) But the churros? They are the best! And I love your blog!

  4. How rude! Love it! So cool you are coming to Ohio, have a good time!

  5. I told one of the checkers at the local supermarket that they needed to impose speed limits on how people drive their carts around the store. I can't figure out why people think it's okay to be rude to strangers.

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  6. Hope you have fun visiting your family!!! God bless you and may your journey and vacay be a safe, happy and fun one!!

  7. Haha, I am so glad you used a Full House reference! And dang those churros look good...
    Modern Modest Beauty

  8. Just found you from Blissful and Domestic and I'm so happy I did! 4 littles 3 and under is killer! I have 3 under 5, which, especially after today, is super hard and cray, and yet lovely and sweet and cuddly.

    So proud of you for making a costco trip with them! I pretty much live on what can have delivered from Amazon Prime or


  9. Now I have to go to costco! I love their churros and way to go staying with your list. That is so dang hard there!

  10. I'm a new follower to your fun blog from the Aloha Blog Hop!

  11. Yes, I totally get that weird race to the line. I kinda had that experience at the grocery store this morning but instead of a man on a cell phone, it was a woman who told her kid to run into the only checkout open. Really? Ugh. Glad I found your blog from the blog hop - new follower now.

  12. Ooh I love their ice cream too! It's super yummy! Especially for a big pregnant lady like me!

  13. Ahh, how funny are you???

    I'm dying that you pulled out the Stephanie Tanner on this post. That seriously plays in my head all the time whenever people say the word "rude."

    I don't even bother with lists as Costco. I just go and wander the aisles and eat all the free samples. I should just go everyday and have "lunch" there up and down the aisles. I also have a pair of funny glasses with a big nose attached in case I need to go back for seconds.


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