Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Attitude Adjustment

Wow! I’m having an “I don’t like myself very much right now” moment!  I'm SUPER annoyed and all hot and sweaty for some unknown reason.    I am in DESPERATE need of an attitude adjustment!

And I KNOW where to go to get that attitude adjustment but I DON’T want to go there! 

I feel just like a defiant 16 year old.  The only difference is for better or worse (I’m ASSUMING its better) I AM AWARE of the unfortunate situation at hand.  My 16 year old self would be oblivious or at least MOSTLY.

My almost 3 year old just pushed one of the twins off the couch ON PURPOSE.  I smacked him on the hand and made him look at me and asked him to apologize for his actions.  My sweet 3 year old laughed in my face.  Angry much?  Yeah, so in true Godly mama fashion I yelled at him to “STOP IT”!!!  And yelled again that “it’s NAP TIME”!  He then proceeds to laugh all the way up the stairs, into his bed and then says.  “Love you Mama”.  This Mama says “Love you too buddy” but not in a very kind voice.  Man…… 

Yeah dude...so NOT funny!

The twins had the red eyes that show me it’s ready for nap time for them as well and they head there too.

I’m annoyed because I’m sitting here typing and I’m too lazy to turn off the nick jr blaring in the background.  Yep it’s been on ALL MORNING because I’m sort of all over the place today.  The house is a mess, I haven’t showered, and everyone but Ian has pooped twice.  TMI?  Hey, it is what it is.

Like I said before I KNOW what will give me the attitude adjustment.  I KNOW that if I pick up the WORD like I SHOULD it will SHOW me something that will hit me upside the head or at least encourage me or remind me that He loves me even when I’m the Mama from the “hot place”.  It may even scold me.  And truth be told I DESERVE it!
For from him and through him and for him are all things. 

    To him be the glory forever! Amen. Romans 11:36

Well my actions ARE NOT glorifying ANYTHING let alone the God who gave up HIS LIFE for US.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  John 14:27

“Can’t I get a moments PEACE?”  That’s what I think some days.  Sometimes ALL day if I’m being REAL.  But that PEACE comes from HIM!  Just writing this is helping!  It’s cathartic and I’m changed because by writing this I suppose I’m asking Him for his peace.  “God PLEASE give me YOUR peace.”  Do you know that peace I’m talking about?  I PROMISE you it’s REAL.  If you don’t, email me and lets talk because it’s IMPORTANT and you don’t want to live without it anymore.

Maybe writing this was a round about prayer?  At any rate I do feel better!  


  1. I love it :) I know those days, and girl you've got me topped by 2 kids! I hope your day got better after nap time!!!

  2. Hey Hunny... prayers are said!
    Lifting you up right now!
    You're on the right track.
    We are not perfect, and sometimes it's hard to walk with our eyes raised upwards all the time. BUT...when we ask him for that help to do so, he comes through.
    Just keep leaning into Jesus.
    He will bring you up and over every mommy-mountain that you will ever have to climb.
    You are amazing.

  3. love that picture of you =)

    Maverick pooped TWICE in his UNDERWEAR yesterday. yeah, not a great potty training day.

    I find myself writing when I'm in one of those crappy places, too. I do really think it helps and is rather like a prayer. I hope you are doing better now!

  4. Love it lady!!! I have days like that...too many days like that! Oy!!!

  5. i heart you... =) i know those days, those moments... seriously sometimes i wait hours to go to the bathroom because the daily life chaos keeps me from "enjoying" a room all to myself for 2 minutes. i don't have 4...but 3 is pretty exhausting too... so i can identify.. i've solely been relying on his peace..i actually had my quiet time already, but was thinking of going upstairs just to get a little more time alone with God... if even just a few moments for a recharge before a kid comes barging in tattling or something..

  6. Aww, I hope things get a little better for you dear. :) I have found writing to be a big mood adjuster as well. :)

  7. "He loves me even when I’m the Mama from the “hot place” Love that! Preach it mama ;) It's comforting to know God forgives.

  8. i love your pic! lol :) and girl, i totally get like that too where i need an attitude adjustment! im just glad that God and those around me are patient and glad that my certain frame of mind doesn't last long. I think writing too is def therapeutic! it helps :) you're wonderful mama!

  9. Oh my goodness. I have these days, and I don't have 4 children 3 and under. You are a great mom!


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