Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That ab move I promised – A vlog

So way back HERE I promised that once I was able to do a certain “exercise move” I would demonstrate in a vlog. 

Well, I can’t exactly do it perfectly but hey this is REAL life right?
I am ALL about making people feel better in their station and hey watching me try to do this just MIGHT encourage YOU to keep going SO I’ve decided to make a vlog showing you what I’ve been doing fitness-wise even though it’s pretty darn obvious I’ve still got some work to do! 

I’m here to totally “ra-ra” working out!  I PROMISE it WILL make you feel better!!  If you already work out you KNOW this!  If you used to work out you KNOW this!  So PLEASE if you don’t work out promise me you’ll TRY it!  YOU will feel SO empowered!!  I PROMISE!

Ok, enough with the Tony Robbins impersonation.  

On to the vlog!

Love you guys!!!


  1. I officially just got down and tried the move! I can actually do it, so I hope I'm not doing something wrong =) I need to get back to ab workouts!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gonna go try! :) I

  3. Wow! I need to try that! It looks really challenging! Thanks for sharing that! =)
    Alesha <3

  4. Way to go you! Ha, I laughed out loud when you finished and said, "Ok, I'm done." That's great Kelly! Thanks for sharing! I definitely need to find more ways to be active and healthy.

  5. You are too cute!!! Looks hard, may need to give it a whirl!!!

  6. "Pre-success" LOL! Def time to put out a workout video, you just need some cheesy music to go along with your sweet moves!

    Shaping Up To Be A Mom

  7. Oh my goodness! I want to squeeze you up right now! You are too stinkin funny! Im going to try it right now.. with no cameras :)

  8. You r so funny! The camera loves you for sure! Will def try this soon.

  9. you're awesome! i wish i could do that ab move!! go kelly go! :)

  10. I did it!! In a dress!!!
    Kelley! I'm so glad I got to hear you! Yay!

  11. Love the "pre-success" disclaimer. And you look like you'd be good at washing real cars. Mine's kinda dirty. Can you come clean it?!

  12. You are adorable!!! I love this!! I'm totally going to do it! :)
    Thanks for linking up lady!! xoox


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