Thursday, June 7, 2012

IRLOMashup-Team Playground in the house!

I am SO excited to be joining in the fun with Tico & Tina for an IRLOMashup (In Real Life Online) blank canvas card project!!!  

The “Tina” of the duo is a good friend of mine!  You know…one of those people who just GETS you?  That’s Christina!  LOVE her so much!!! She and her other half and her kiddos just might be swinging by our place for a time this summer as a part of their adventure.  But, that’s a WHOLE OTHER post for a later date!

I am the leader (yeah ME leader…the girl who never ran for student council because she was scared no one would vote for her!) of one of 10 #IRLOMashup teams that totally focuses on having a great time and meeting and GETTING to KNOW new people!!  With a few fun challenges thrown in here and there. 

What's NOT to love???  

Oh and MY team is Team Playground!  Fitting don’t you think?

Check out the premise here

As you can see we are going to be having a WHOLE lotta FUN with this blank canvas card project.

Check out the Team Playground progress below.

AND we are IN THE LEAD for miles so far!!!!!  Over 10K!!! 
WWWHHHHAAAAT???  Team Playground don’t play!  One of our members even saw the wrong side of the law! 

Currently, our card is traveling from MA to AZ!

Check out the #IRLOMashup Team Playground team profiles here!  We are ALMOST to our halfway point!! 

If you LOVE you some Team Playground TWEET US using #IRLOMashup!!!  We’d love some free publicity!

Is that a shameless plug?  Well, of COURSE it is!


  1. Team Playground in the house! Can't wait for the card to make it's way over to me in the Windy City. Woooohoooo!!

  2. Hoooller! Haha. Go Team Playground!

  3. Totally not about the mashup (which is cool btw)
    But I love your little flags! So cute!
    Stopping by from the hop...

  4. i love me some team playground... =)

  5. yay!!! =) I haven't been online enough lately to see this until now! very cool!

  6. yay! go team playground!! and girl you are so wonderful and an awesome leader!! :)


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