Sunday, June 17, 2012

Love/Hate Link-Up

So I'm a BIT late on this link up but last week was a busy week!  I think this is TOTALLY a fun concept AND Noel is my friend SO I REALLY wanted to do this little love/hate link-up with her!!!  

BTW, Do you know Noel?  If you don't, you should!!  Skedaddle on over there and say hi!

So....on to MY love/hates:

1)  Crawling into bed at night ready to snuggle down into my nice soft comforter and pillow.

  BUT THEN discover the bed is covered with clean laundry I have yet to fold…DOH!   That’s when you do the ONLY rational thing.  Slide it all onto the floor to fold and put away TOMORROW…er…yeah…tomorrow.

2)  Turning on the coffee maker in the morning and get ready to sip a nice hot cup of joe

  BUT THEN realize you forgot to get the coffee ready for the next day the night before and the coffee you are drinking is old, weak, used up coffee grounds 24 hours old.

3)  The sweet squishy snuggles from my kiddos

  BUT THEN they do something AWESOME (in my sarcastic voice) and decide to scream in my ear, or whine at the top of their voice for no apparent reason (the loudness…well you mom’s out there know what I’m talking about…its other worldly!)

4)  Making lots of pancakes for lunch…so delicious…

  BUT THEN the feeling that you MUST SLEEP it off afterwards..but you can’t because you have kids to take care of…and leaving them unattended while you nap might not be the best parenting decision.


  1. Haha this is so funny! Thanks for sharing Kelly!

    Katlyn xo
    The Dreamy Meadow

  2. hilarious!! i especially know the snuggle/scream love/hate scenario.. my lord, that is so annoying!!

  3. LOL! I so relate to the laundry thing - that is my life every Sunday haha!

  4. Ugh, the laundry never ends. And I only have one child. I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES I've crawled in to bed only to realize my clothes are still in the washer. Wet. Ready to be dry. But I'm too lazy to move. So they have a sleepover in the washing machine and then in the morning I rewash them so they don't stink....

    Seriously, are superwoman with those 4 kiddos. If you keep talking about your kids slurping up their barf and the nonstop laundry, your blog may be the best form of birth control for me.

    Love ya, girly!

  5. Its official. We are now besties. I totally do the laundry thing all. the.time! Ugh.. why cant it put itself away?! :)

    Love your new blog design to girlie! So so cute! :)

  6. We do the same thing with laundry all the time. Whoops... Needless to say, I allow 5-10 extra minutes each morning for ironing my chosen outfit.

    Mmmmm... pancakes. I really want some now.

    If it's possible, I think you get better each day!


    Thank you for hopping with us! :)

  8. haha toooo funny! i've def done the coffee thing before! blegh!

  9. First thank you, thank you, thank you for linking. Love that you linked up, hate that I couldn't read it until just now ;) This list is so hilarious. I think I can pretty much relate to every single one. I currently have a pile of clothes on my bed left from yesterday that I will tackle today (AGAIN)!! Such a pet peeve, to not know whether kids have worn the clean clothes and they end up needing to be washed AGAIN... but really now I can't blame them cause I do the same thing. You are so great Kelly... thanks for the shout outs and BTW I LOVE what you have done with the place :)

  10. I REALLY wanted to do the linkup!!! but our weekend plans checked a lot at the last minute =( LOVE that Noel does this linkup, HATE that I didn't get to participate =) in any case, this is quite funny, and we are laundry twins... just SAYING!

  11. Great post...too cute! I am deaf thanks to my children! Hope you are able to have coffee that is not old soon...wink,wink!

  12. uggghhh... clean clothes on the bed! hate walking in on that (but glad they are at least clean!) :)


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