Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spring Market Time!!!

So this post is a little bit delayed, BUT I STILL want to post about it because the Luckett's Spring Market is something I look forward to every year!  It is an antique lovers paradise!!!

There are a zillion venders and really it is like a maze of WONDERFULNESS!
My mom came in town for the weekend and she, I and my mother in law went all day Saturday and had A BLAST!  Lots of FOOD, vintage goodness and my favorite people!  Oh yeah…AND the sun was shining!  How can it NOT be the perfect day?

It's a catfish!  Freaky huh?

I came home with a fabulous turquoise & pearl cross necklace (it was a treat from my mom so I am not sure how much it cost), 2 vintage aprons ($4 each!) and a vintage dress form $40)!!!!!!!!!  I am in COMPLETE LOVE with everything!!!!!!!!!!

I’m already dying for next year!


  1. oh wow! you found the quote in real life - sweet! that looked like so much fun =)

  2. That looks like a very fun time! Such cool stuff!

  3. What a fun market. And that Catfish is so cool! I'd find a spot for it ;) Hee hee hee !

  4. So jealous if it all! Looks like fun!

  5. That cross necklace is aweeeesome! Now I want funnel cakes.


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