Monday, July 16, 2012

Driving campers, a midnight fire alarm and some other stuff

A handful of interesting moments happened while on vacation this summer.  Some funny…some not so much!

What do you talk about on a 14 hour car trip?  Lots of RANDOM things and some of that randomness ends up really funny. 

A)  Justin:  There are so many of those things on the road.  I’ve never seen so many on a trip before!

Kelly:  What?

Justin:  Oh you know…what are they called?  Those driving campers.

Kelly & Justin:  Burst into laughter for a good couple minutes.

Kelly: (after FINALLY composing myself) Oh, you mean motorhomes?

Justin:  Oh, yeah that’s it!

B)  We are driving in Florida.

    Kelly:  Palm trees just make me happy.

    Justin:  Bet you’ve never been hit by one!

    HUH????????????????  We both burst out laughing!  Yeah,    neither of us knew what that was suppose to mean.
I LOVED this house!  It was right by the beach!  Palm trees in my yard?  Yes, please!

Then there is my sister in law.  We totally had a convo about how they were in downtown Orlando and a crazy homeless guy spit on her flip flop.  True story!!!  WHAT?
THEN there was the fire alarm at our hotel at midnight.  FREAKED Ian out SO badly!  We didn’t know what to do but get all the kids out of the room and down to our car.  The fire alarm didn’t turn off for OVER AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So it was us in our PJs in our car at the hotel in the middle of the night=AWESOME (sense my snarkiness?)

I did get completely obliterated by a rogue wave at the beach WHILE HOLDING ELIJAH.  That was painful.  Somehow I held him up like baby Simba in The Lion King and he came out a little freaked but otherwise unscathed.  I on the other hand…well…

there you go…

BUT I did learn how to make my own shampoo!  This REALLY IS awesome!  AND I’m totally going to share it on the blog one day soon!!!  Get excited!

And I DID get to see a GOOD GOOD friend I haven't seen since before Ian was born!!!!!  She and her husband live in Orlando and while we were there we were able to spend an evening together at our hotel. I can't tell you how nice it was to see her and meet her little guy!

Don't you just want to squeeze him!!???!!!!!


  1. I would very much love to go on a road trip with you guys next time. Sounds like a total riot!

    And my sister in law recently got spit on by a homeless man walking in her neighborhood in Chicago. Sooooo gross.


  2. hahaha sounds like a blast!! and the shirt you're wearing in the shampoo pic is super cute! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, your poor knees!! I've been knocked over by waves a number of times, but never with a baby. How scary!

    It sounds like y'all had a fun vacation!

  4. Hey girl! Found your blog through Monday Meet Up! I laughed out loud at some of your conversations! I am still giggling at the palm tree!

    PS - hope your knees feel better soon - it looks like that wave was pretty painful!

  5. Hi Kelly! Your kids are just adorable! I'm following you through email now too! :D

  6. Omg Kelly.. you guys are hilarious.
    Your poor knees. =( I hope they heal up quickly.

  7. Ha ha Justin- tell him he's not alone. I forget names for stuff all the time. Just last night I was like" Who was that group ya know they started out on Wall Street all mad a the 1% of rich people in America and then they were here in Seattle, all over the news for blocking our streets and ??" And my Giant and friends just look at me and laugh and I feel stupid when they say... You mean the Occupy group? Yep! He's in good company.
    And Eww about your sis in law flip flop story. Ewww...

  8. OH and WAY TO GO Momma Lion King!! OUCH!

  9. Oh, those knees look so sore! I would love to see that shampoo recipe. I love homemade beauty/health products. :-)

  10. I totally cracked up with J calling them driving campers! LOL!!!!! So funny! And I could not believe the fire alarm went off like that. I'd be flipping out! Refund, please? lol Wait till you hear about my hotel experience. Nothing as bad as yours just not a great hotel.

  11. Your knees!! You poor thing! But way to hold that baby up!! You are too funny! Xoxo

  12. Oh Kelly, You totally crack me up! I'm glad baby was ok but your knees... :'(
    And a fire drill in the night??? Those are the kinda vaca's that make memories!


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