Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I don’t want to forget what they say & do

That we called Ian the “Turkey Chief” when he was 6 months old and it stuck!  Long story short, J called him “chief” one day and Ian thought that was the funniest thing ever.  So we started calling Ian “chief”.  On Thanksgiving we called him “Turkey Chief” which he also thought was hilarious and he’s been the “Turkey Chief” ever since.

Ian’s called Jacob Dean (yes we use both his first and middle name…always have for some reason) “Ab Dean” since he was born and so now everyone calls him “Ab Dean”.  That’s his name.

Elijah was never really Elijah or Eli he’s been “Lijah” since his first days of life.

That “Ab Dean” does this little kick move that looks like he’s walking really fast puffing out his chest and giggling.  We call it the “Ab Dean shuffle”.  You ask him to do it and he proudly obliges.

That we pronounce Julia’s name more like “JulYA”.  Ian’s pronunciation stuck once again.

She’s the little lady.

Ian pointing to my husbands bare chest and saying “Hairy, why no hair up there?”  pointing to his head.

That Elijah is so flexible he kicked himself in the forehead and left a red mark!

Lijah’s favorite thing to do is color.  He wants to color as soon as he wakes up most days.

Ian LOVES baseball.

Ian is the ULTIMATE protector of his brothers and sister.  He has been since the moment they were born!

Ab Dean LOVES books and still tends to want to eat more crayons than use them to color.

The first time Julia rolled over we missed it.  One minute she was on her back.  The next she was on her tummy.  Yep...she’s our 4th child.

This post was originally going to be a Quinoa recipe.  I’ll share that soon.

Today it was more important to record my memories. 


  1. Love this Kelly! Its the same in my house, with the kids name. My hubbie gave all of them nicknames and to this day they remain, my 3 little ones are Jordon ~ Mr. Jordy, Zachary ~ Pac-man or Man, Jayda ~ Mookie its hilarious because Jayda just turned 2 and she thinks Zachary's name is Man, thats what she calls him :-)

  2. I love this!! I should have done a better job recording all the "Moira-isms". But it's funny how they all come back to us from time to time. We'll tell her how she used to pronounce things and she gets all mad and stomps around saying "I DID NOT say that!!" Yes, Moira, you did say "Regular not, here I come" while playing hide and seek. Yes, you did!! Actually, I think she still does. She's 8. We couldn't bear to correct her 'cause it was too cute!

  3. awe so sweet!!! i love this :)
    ps. can't wait to see your recipe! i was just asking for recipes today on facebook!


  4. This is EXACTLY what blogging should be! I loved everything about this post. Your littles are just the sweetest. I seriously don't know how you do what you do...and still find time to blog! Supermommy.

  5. so much adorable in one post! this whole read made me smile. your kids are so cute and jul-ya is such a pretty little lady!

  6. What precious children you have! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award over at my blog. :)

  7. Awwww your kids are so sweet! I love the nicknames! That is crazy that Elijah can kick himself in the head! How did I go through gymnastics training for years and I can't do that?!!! (Well nobody said I was GOOD at it) ;)

    I love that you did this so that you can look back at it and remember all those cute moments!

  8. I love that Ian is such a protective big brother!!! SO sweet!

  9. I think I awed all the way through this post. And that first pic of Ian? way way way to cute!

  10. This is the best substitute for a quinoa recipe I've ever seen. And I think it's hilarious how kids say certain things and they stick! My cousins are in their 30's... and they still have the same nicknames from being little, AND their kids call each of the cousins by that name (if that makes sense... my Cousin Lindsay's kid calls my other cousin by her nickname). Hope they still love them as they get older too.

  11. What fun pictures! the babies are precious : ) I love memory posts. I'd love it if you would share this on my blog's life lately link up.



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