Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Look Back Linkup: 1986

Welcome back to A Look Back Link-Up!  This month it's 1986!!!  I am delighted to share in the fun with:

Brooke @ Covered In Grace
Megan @ Absolute Mommy

Next month I will DEF have some pics from MY childhood since I am heading back to Ohio the end of August!

So for about a little list of WHO was born in 1986...FAMOUS people that is...

1)  The Olsen Twins!  I know right?  Why does this make me feel OLD?

2)  Robert Pattinson.  Such a cutie.  If you are into that snarky dead guy look.   
3)  LC.  Do I REALLY have to give you her FULL name?  If I do, you are about to get the "Michelle Tanner look" shown above.

4)  And then there's the "eidi" part of "Speidi".  Once again, if you don't know.  You get above said look.
5)  And how about the lesser known Knowles sister?
And heck, since we are talking celebrities here today.  Why don't I leave you with an AWESOME magazine cover from 1986!!!

There is NOTHING not to love about this!!!
Now it's YOUR turn!!  What was going on in YOUR life in 1986?  What are some of YOUR favorite things from 1986?  What does 1986 mean to YOU?  

Grab the button, link-up below and visit everyone else to see what THEIR 1986 was all about!!
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  1. Very nice! I always love a good list of people who are younger than me... ;)

  2. I never realized I was older than so many celebrities... makes me feel kind of old! And those earings on the Vogue cover... I would wear those. Yes I would.

  3. Well, I was born July 30, 1986 but I don't have much memory of that fact... ;D


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