Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A pretty tutorial & a SMELLY giveaway!

Hello Houtz House Party friends!  Im so so excited to be here today!  I love Kelly.. like stalk her blog love her!  She truly is the sweetest person.  My name is Kelley.. same name mine just has an extra 'e'.  I blog over at the Grant life where I share recipes, crafts, a weekly link party and lots of stories about my babies, Ryley and Avery.  

Today Im going to share a simple tutorial on how to jazz up a wooden hanger from the dollar bin.  Its not a super exciting tutorial but if you stick around there might but a little something fun at the end.  [wink wink]

I bought this wooden hanger from the dollar section at Michaels.  [Side note.. I cant resist the dollar bins!  They get me every time!]  I wasnt sure what I was going to do with it but I knew I'd figure it out later.  Then I scored this decorative tape from Joanns [on sale!] and knew the two were meant to be together.  

I started to wrap the tape around the hanger but it wasnt sticking like I thought it would.  I busted out my glue gun and added a few drops here and there to make it stay.  Easy peasy.    

I cut pieces to fit the sides and wrapped it around the back.  I was worried that pattern would look weird since it overlapped in spots but it turned out great!  

I bet your thinking - 'Thats great but what do you use a decorative hanger for anyways?'  I use mine to take pictures of the totes in my shop.. but they can be used for anything really.  

Super simple and cheap.  And cute.  Cant forget cute. 

Are ya still with me?  Awesome!  Cause Im giving away $25 dollars worth of Bath and Body Works goodies!  One lucky winner [US only..] will win a grab bag from one of my favorite stores.  Good luck and thank you Kelly for having me here today!  

How stinkin' GENEROUS is KELLEY??????????  I just LOVE this girl seriously.  We have the same sorta weird sense of humor.  LOVE IT!

Good Luck ALL!  May the Rafflecopter fairies grant you A WIN!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. your kids are ADORABLE
    i love your crafty ideas!

  2. Beautiful kids...Good job, the hanger looks amazing now.

    When should a woman stop fighting?

  3. Cute hanger makeover! Thanks for sharing Kelley! :)

  4. thanks for the giveaway! love me some bath and body works!

  5. The hangers are beautiful and so are your children. Thanks for the giveaway!


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