Thursday, September 6, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Graphic T & 1,000 Follower Giveaway with The Grant Life

A Copy Cat Closet & A Giveaway with The Grant Life?!?!?!  Yes, PLEASE!

Check out this weeks super cool Copy Cat Closet theme: Graphic T!  What can you pair with it other than a pair of jeans?

Check out Natalia's Inspiration below:

For my version I paired my trusty 15+ year old lime green pants with a fun tank I've NEVER worn but got for a pre-wedding gift!  Super fun but where the heck would I ever wear it?  I got my answer!!

Check it out:

Earrings - Kohls
Necklace - Lia Sophia
Green Tank - Target
Mrs. Houtz Tank - gift
Pants - bought in Germany when I was in HS
Bracelets - gift
Shoes - thrifted

Rock on friends!  Rock on!

One of my most FAVORITE people of all time is hosting a giveaway to celebrate 1,000 followers.  I love supporting Kelley in any way I can so I'm super excited to be a part of and host her giveaway on my site today too!!!  

THERE ARE A TON of AWESOME prizes!!!!!!

Go on and enter and may the Rafflecopter be ever in your favor!!!

Prize Pack One

1. Pre-Made Blogger Template - Family Darr
2. Bluebird Beaded Necklace [approx. 18-19" long] - Blue Bird Bijoux {Design}
3. 250x200 Ad Space + Essie Nail Polish - the Vintage Modern Wife
4. 3 Dozen Simple Cake Bites [Color May Vary] - The Sweet Life
5. Rainbow Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers [Winner picks color] - Leroy Lime
6. $10 Starbucks Card - the Houtz House Party
7. Premium Ad Space - Addicted to Recipes
8. 200x200 Ad Space + Blog Planner PDF - Texas Lovebirds
9. $15 Shop Credit - Shepherd's Daughter
10. Toddler Shirt Applique [Choice of Applique] - The Chirping Moms
11. 275 x 300 Ad Space - and the call me mommy

Prize Pack Two 

1. 2 Custom Subway Prints - Emily's Sanity
2. 2 Custom Loveables - the Grant life
3. SuperCool Ad Space - Moda Mama
4. Medium Ad Space + $15 Shop Credit - Finding my way in Texas
5. Wooden Button Flower Ring - Fold-de-rol and Frippery
6. Basic Blog Design Package - Designs by Emily
7. Small Ad Space - Yours Truly
8. Custom Photo Collage [Participation required to create collage] - Beautiful Day
9. XL Ad Space - Mi Todo
10. Winners Choice of Ad Space - Sugar in My Grits
11. 2 Weeks in Post Ad [Includes Ad Creation] - Covered in Grace

How amazing are these prizes?!  There will be two winners.. so good luck!  Oh yea.. and THANK YOU!  

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  1. May the rafflecopter be ever n your favor…love it! and I am jealous that you can fit into your high school pants hehe :)

  2. So so cute! You always have the best outfits! Mrs. Houtz.. such a great shirt. Ps.. I need deets on this big move!

  3. I'd be thrilled with either! But maybe I'd pick #2 b/c it seems to have more ad spaces.

  4. you have officially added 2 NEW poses to your repertoire - I think I shall call them your "check out my boobs" and "oh, what? I have a cute butt!" poses... you make me smile! =)

  5. Awww super cute girl! Love them green pants :)

  6. You wore those in HS? Amazing girl!! And I can't choose between the two packages….too amazing!

  7. Those pants are CUH-UTE. What a wonderful wedding gift, but your right its hard to rewear stiff like that. However yours looks like you could get it at the store. Rock it Momma!

  8. both packages are so awesome! i think i'd choose 1 :)

  9. You look adorable! I love that you rocked that T - I totally would! Well, one that said "Mrs. Simmons" anyway! Love it and thanks for linking up again! :)

  10. Amazing giveaway! I think I like number 2.
    By th way, Im a new follower! Swing by when you get the chance!
    Sylvia @


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