Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In The Word Wednesday – Feeling Overwelmed

We are getting ready to move and I look at only 3 packed boxes…and my messy house and crazy kids and I am getting a little overwhelmed.  

I thought for this week’s In The Word Wednesday post I would focus on finding some scripture that will encourage you when you are overwhelmed or unsure with things in your life since I am in a season like that right now.

What have you been learning in the Bible?  Please join myself and these fantastic ladies for this encouraging linkup!  

Sarah at Fontenot Four 
Falen at Upward Not Inward 
Kelly at Exceptionalistic 

Tales of Beauty for Ashes

Into the Word Wednesday Blog Hop Rules:
1. Write a post about what God is teaching you this week.
2.  Follow the host and hostess. 
3. Grab a button to put on your blog - the more the merrier!
4. Check out (and comment) other people's blogs and be blessed by all the sisters and brothers around the world!


  1. Take these things one box at a time. Lots of deep breaths, and let the Lord continue to speak His peace to your soul.

  2. Your post is so awesome - I have been overwhelmed too and am currently praying for peace (topic of my ITWW post today!). I'm sorry you're feeling the same way but I love this linky chance to encourage each other! Thank you :)

  3. Love ya girl! Things WILL get better dear

  4. Wonderful post Kelly, just take one day at a time, God is right there with you!

  5. Those are some good verses there girl. :) Praying for your packing, move, and unpacking. Huge hugs to you!!


  6. I so wish I could pop over and help you pack!!!

  7. praying for God's peace to be with you during this season ... love you...

  8. It will get better from here. Wonderful verses!!! Have a great move!

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  10. what an amazing post - I needed to hear this today :) Thanks for sharing... Found you via the Friday Aloha Blog Hop and hope you'll visit my site :)
    Nikki at
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