Friday, September 28, 2012

Scarf & Scripture Swap w/ Big K Fam

Happy Friday ya’ll!

Today is THE DAY to sign up for something awesome I’m co-hosting with my girls Viv @ Big K Fam, Sarah @ The Fontenot Four & Allison @ Sweatpants & High Heals

Scarf and Scripture Swap
Sign up to be paired with another person to exchange a scarf along with your favorite bible verse & why it’s your favorite.  AWESOME encouragement along with a nice little treat in the form of a new fashion accessory just for YOU!

If you would like to participate in the scarf and scripture swap, please link up by leaving your first name and what country you live in under the "title" section.  For example, "Viv-USA".  If you are not a blogger and would like to participate, please email Viv @ and she'll add you to the swap.


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  2. So I got a little ahead of myself there... I'll wait for the linky :) haha.

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