Monday, October 1, 2012 i can't believe I'm writing THIS - A Look Back Link-Up: 1988

Yeah..i DEFINITELY never thought I’d be researching HORROR MOVIES…I get FREAKED out!!!

I USED to like them BUT shortly after J and I got married we watched The Skeleton Key.  It TERRIFIED me!!!  Like BIG TIME terrified me and ever since then I honestly can’t watch scary movies!  “Campy” scary movies like Poltergeist are ok BUT especially anything with demons NO WAY!  I mean those could be true!!!!!!  NO FREAKING WAY DUDES!

Anyway…I digress…1988…I figure what better way to celebrate a look back to 1988 IN OCTOBER & Halloween than to showcase a few of the horror movies that came out that year!

1)   Child's Play



I hope these movies provide a little inspiration for you scary movie lovers!!!  I know how you all just love to watch marathons of horror flicks around this time of year.  I'll stick to happier thoughts thank you very much! 


-- Now it's YOUR turn!!  What was going on in YOUR life in 1988?  What are some of YOUR favorite things from 1988?  What does 1988 mean to YOU?  

Grab the button, link-up below and visit everyone else to see what THEIR 1988 was all about!!

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  1. My hubby loves scary movies... I just can't watch them, I guess I am too much of a baby :) The Elvira ad made me laugh!

  2. Whew 1988??!! I was really into the Pound Puppies!! Thought there were fabulous!!

    Great post!! :)

  3. Okay my family ran one of the biggest haunted houses in new england, Universal Studios even donated some of their props to us because all the money went to charity (the people paid to go through the haunted house) I used to be the queen of scary movies, I would't flinch (just growing up with a family who used to love scaring people) but now that I am a believer I can't watch a thing that has anything to do with demons. It literally scares me to the core. Only because I now know their truly is a spiritual side at battle.

  4. I can't watch scary movies either! When I was younger I loved them but now I won't even go near them haha!

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