Monday, October 15, 2012

Button Christmas Tree Craft with Sara

Hello, Houtz House Party readers! My name is Sara and I blog over at Miss V's Busy Bees.

I typically blog about education (I'm a teacher!) and DIY arts and crafts. Kelly so graciously allowed me the opportunity to guest blog today, so I decided that I'd do a craft for y'all. This was SUPER easy, even though it looks kind of silly. No two that you create will EVER look the same. Check it out below!

Button Christmas Tree

Supplies needed (everything I used was from Hobby Lobby):

8x10 canvas
Two packages of Christmas themed buttons
Christmas tree cutout
Glue sticks & glue gun

Step 1: Lay out your Christmas tree cutout on the canvas. Begin placing buttons over top of the cutout.

Step 2: Once you've got all your buttons placed, you can do one of two things. ONE: Leave the cutout behind the buttons and glue the buttons to the cutout or TWO: Remove the cutout very carefully to glue the buttons directly to the canvas. I chose the second option (I liked the way it looks better!).

Step 3: Begin gluing your buttons down with your hot glue gun. Repeat this until all buttons are glued down the way you would like for them to be.

Step 4: Take your sharpie and write whatever message you would like at the bottom of the canvas! I wrote Merry Christmas 2012 because Christmas is coming up and I plan on hanging this in our new apartment!

Anddd that's it! Simple, right? Like I said above, no two pieces will look the same. You can see from picture to picture that my tree doesn't even look the same. It kind of doesn't really even look like a tree at the end, but I think that's what makes it special!

This is a great activity to complete with your children or your students (if you're a teacher) because it's relatively simple and I think it's really cute!

I actually made another one like this with buttons, but for a friend with her last initial (D) with Halloween themed buttons! I really really liked the way it turned out so that's why I chose a Christmas themed one.

Next up is to make this guy - I love the texture and the colors. It's beautiful!

The possibilities with button art are ENDLESS. Make something today! 

Kelly, thank you for featuring me on your blog today! You are the best :)

I'd love to have y'all come visit me - I promise I'm nice!

Have a great week!

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