Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Fall Leaves Monogram

Hi Party People! I'm Lindsay! 

I blog over at Little Mudpies. It's a mishmash of my daily adventures of being a wife to an amazing man and Momma of two little boys and a sweet little girl puppy, named Oatmeal. 
You'll find recipes for yummy treats like Caramel Apple Rice Krispie Treats and Chocolate Eclair Cake. DIY tutorials for Halloween Garland with Lights and my most popular Heatless Curls. 
You'll even get a glimpse inside our world, with my Momma Tales. 

Today, I am taking over Kellys little blog while she gets settled in her new house. 
I'm going to share a tutorial for one of my new favorite things  
The Fall Leaves Monogram. 
{Kelly you need one of these for your new house!!}

This is super easy. All you need is a paper mache letter of your choice. 
Paint and a paint brush (optional)
Fake fall leaves
Glue gun & glue

Paint your letter if you wish. Let Dry. 
Take your leaves and glue them onto your letter until it's completely covered. 
I used some ribbon hot glued to the back to hang it from my door. 
You should hang it or display it on a shelf or mantel. 

Thats it. Super easy and perfect for fall. 
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Thanks so much for having me Kelly and congrats again on your new home! 


  1. Thank you so much for this girl! You just inspired a whole laundry list of leaf projects! YES!

  2. LOVE IT! I had planned to hit Hobby Lobby today for some new fall decor. I know what I'm getting now. :-). Xoxo

  3. ohmygoodness that is so cute! and seems impossibly easy haha. love it.


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