Thursday, November 29, 2012

Copy Cat Closet – Colored Tights

Linking up over @ MaNouvelleMode & The Grant Life once again for Copy Cat Closet! 

The challenge this week was “colored tights”. 

I am BORING and the choices I had on hand are black and brown.  Yeah, I know I’m a wild woman.  I chose brown because I’m pretty sure black doesn't count as a real color when it comes to tights right?  I mean everyone has black tights!  Unless they have spiderwebs on them or they are fishnets they probably don’t count.

Anyway…here’s what I put together!

Earrings – gift
Necklace – gift
Bracelet – I won from a giveaway!  Woot!
Jean Jacket – super old
Tank - ???
Dress – Target
Tights – Kohls
Boots – Nordstrom Rack

the Grant life


  1. Love this! You look gorgeous as always!

  2. So cute! Now you've got me thinking...
    a) I might need a pair of colored tights (all I own is black and brown also)
    b) Can I pull off colored tights in my 40s?

  3. You're so cute as always!! Brown works, and you had a lot of other color throughout the outfit, so you're good! Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. Brown tights are perfect for your outfit. And I love's a color in my book! Teehee!

  5. I happen to LOVE your brown tights. I may be partial though, as I also own two pairs of tights...brown and black, lol! Love your new blog design, btw! Have a blessed day! :-)

  6. Go girl! You always rock the copy cat closet!

  7. You look cute and added some fun color with the dress! I have lots of grey, black, and brown tights. And... my craziest pairs are a wine colored pair, a grey argyle, and a brown plaid, LOL. I guess I don't ever think to grab those bright colors either! I may just have to now!

  8. love it! i wear outfits like that almost every sunday haha!

  9. Love your color combo Kel! I don't own any colored tights #fail Love how you styled yours!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  10. I love all these looks! You look great!


  11. seeing your copycats always make me happy =) I had to do a post with fishnets last week, so I'm glad that you said those might pass, LOL. Natalia said it was ok, so... but I really want FUN colored tights!!!

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