Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{It's a Typical Day} - Megan @ here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

I am blessed to have my friend Megan from and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson sharing for {It's a Typical Day Project}.  She is a kind soul and a lovely friend!  And her son is named Elijah too!  

When Kelly first asked me to be part of her "It's a Typical Day" Project I was honestly really nervous. Excited but nervous. I was afraid to open up about our very, non-Pinterest-or-blog-worthy day.

I thought about just having one day where we did a bunch of fun things so I could take pictures of it and make everyone think that we are really awesome. But then I decided that it's important to be honest and show you what really goes down. So be prepared to be wowed with jealousy or judgment. Entirely up to you.

First, I could tell you how I wake up at least an hour before my son to shower, respond to emails, and pick up the house a little so I can be ready for the day when he wakes up.
But the truth is I wake up when I hear him calling my name in bed and sluggishly drag myself from my warm quilt to go get him. And I usually don't shower until nap time. Okay, that was lie. It's really right before dinner when my husband gets home.

Then, I could tell you how I make a big, healthy breakfast of green smoothies and star-shaped pancakes with berries on top like a face.
But really I give in to my son's cries for chocolate milk (because it's just easier that way....) and give him a bowl of cereal. On good days I heat up some toaster waffles and microwave some frozen sausage. [Doesn't that scream mom of the year??]

I could also tell you how we work on Montessori, pre-school activities or do art projects before lunch.
But in reality we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for longer than I care to admit.

Sometimes we do go to the park. But that's like maybe once or twice a month. Same with playgroup.

I try to run errands with my son but that usually ends in both of us in tears. And the times I've tried to do fun activities they've ended in disaster with craft supplies and sensory kits spilled everywhere.

In truth, I am totally in awe {and jealous} with mothers that can juggle it all. And those that have greater emotional capacities than me. Unfortunately, that's just not something that comes easy to me I guess.

So what do we do all day?

We snuggle. My son likes to come lay on the couch with me while we watch cartoons.
And we read lots of books with his hand puppets.
And we play with our neighbor friends while still in our pajamas.
And we watch Tangled {or whatever movie my son is obsessed with at the moment}.
And we [both] take naps.
And sometimes we have dance parties to Justin Bieber.
And we just be together. 

I don't always get everything done during the day. I usually have to stay up late at night finishing projects or even just getting time to myself. And errands constantly get pushed off to the next day... and the next... and even the next. I do pride myself in getting dinner ready at a decent hour though.

I try to remember that each day is a new day to try again. I want to be a better mother for my son and a better wife for my husband. I know there are a lot of things I can work on {like not being so lazy. And actually waking up in the mornings. And time management}. Someday I'll get my act together and actually be like those other moms you read on other blogs.

Or maybe I won't.

But what I really hope will happen is that my son will look back on his childhood and instead of remembering days filled with flash cards or painting or swings [or lack thereof], he'll remember that his mom spent one-on-one cuddle time with him every day.

And I think that makes a pretty great day.

Thank you, Kelly, for letting me share my typical, albeit unexciting, day with you and your readers. Hopefully it was somewhat helpful! :)

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  1. What a sweet boy! Thanks for your honesty Megan! It's GREATLY appreciated ;)

  2. Iove this. makes me feel normal. since I didn't leave my.room the entire day. every game, puzzle, meal with Leila was in my room and in my bed.

  3. Your reality sounds a lot like my days! The thing that stood out to me is that you read a lot of books together. I honestly don't think there is a better thing you could do than snuggle together and read books. As far as getting time to yourself, why don't you let him watch the movie and have some "me time" while he's busy watching?


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