Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{It's a Typical Day Project} - Chaos & Confusion

Another {It's a Typical Day} Project today!  I know you love my friend Cecelia!  She's been here before!
Here is my attempt to summarize a typical day at our house.

Baby wakes up.  When she wakes up I nurse her and she snuggles in bed with me until it's time to get our 5 year old up for school.

6:45 am - I get Mr. 5 up and our 3 year old gets up too. I would prefer it if he slept longer but he is a very light sleeper.

Mr. 5 showers (sometimes Mr. 3 too) while I make breakfast. After breakfast I let Baby have finger food in her highchair while I clean up and try to get our 5 year old to finish getting ready for school.  This is the most chaotic time of the morning. Mr. 5 doesn't want to brush his teeth, he wants to play. He goes to feed the dog but gets distracted and ends up in the playroom. He throws a fit when I tell him we're going to miss the bus if he doesn't get his shoes on.  He finally gets his shoes and coat on and runs for the door, without his bookbag or lunch box.

8:10 am - After we get back from the bus stop Baby and Mr. 3 play on the floor in the playroom while I finish dishes, wipe off the table, vacuum under the table, start laundry, respond to emails and check out the rest of the week's schedule.

9 am – Hubby comes home from his 10 hr, 3rd shift job that is over an hour away from our house. Although he's exhausted he spends time with me instead of going straight to bed.  He makes coffee and sometimes my breakfast if I haven't eaten by then. We sit at the table together and talk over our coffee. This sometimes feels like a business meeting because we have so much to catch up on. 

10 am – Mr. 3 has pesters us so much that we give in and let him watch PBS. It's Sesame Street but he's bored before it's over. He comes out every 5 minutes to ask for a snack. Even a snack can't keep him from popping in every 5 min to interrupt with some small demand.

Baby naps sometime in the morning. Never at a certain time or for a certain length.

11 am - Hubby does what ever household work he has to do. He helps me with mine or lets me take a shower with minimal interruptions from Mr. 3. 

12 pm – Lunch time for Baby and Mr. 3.  Sometimes I eat with them, if not I eat while they are napping.

1 pm – Kids are napping.  I call this my “sanity oasis”. It's my break in the middle of the day.  By this time I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and burnt out.  I spend some time on the elliptical while I read a book or watch Netflix. I also use this time to work on more laundry, clean and organize or catch up on anything else I need to.

3 pm – Kids are up. We play with Baby in her room or do puzzles/coloring/flashcards with Mr. 3.

4 pm – Pick Mr. 5 up from the bus stop.  He asks to play Wii when he gets home. I say no, not until Friday. He cries. I feel bad but know it's because he's tired, not because I am a horrible mom.  I let the boys watch PBS for one hour. I keep Baby happy or she takes another nap.

5 pm – The  boys are playing and entertaining Baby while I am contemplating dinner. The boys are very picky so I always procrastinate. We try to have them eat at least 3 bites of whatever we're having, even if they don't like it.  I have to decide if I want to make something that they will complain (and often put up a fight) about or if I will make something they will like/tolerate. 

6 pm – I am getting dinner ready and feeding Baby. She can't wait as long as everyone else.

6:30 pm – I wake up Hubby and start the shower for him (spoiled). By the time he is showered and dressed dinner is ready and the boys are at the table.

7 pm – Hubby helps with dinner clean up and gets ready to go to work.

7:30 pm – Kisses all around and hubby leaves for work. We read books, do homework, get clothes out for the next day, brush teeth and get ready for bed.

8 pm – Kids are in bed. I finish up whatever needs finished in the kitchen or do prep for the next day.

8:30 – 11 pm – I migrate to the couch to check emails, social media, catch up on stuff for the non-profit I'm active in or watch whatever I'm currently obsessed with on Netflix.  Occasionally I will indulge in a small glass of wine. This alone time is kind of nice. I can watch whatever girly stuff I want!

11 pm – I have to hit the hay because 6:45 comes all too soon. If I get any less sleep I'm a crab and we all suffer. 
We have had a hard time adjusting to my husband being on 3rd shift. Now my time with him is spent while the kids are awake. We used to have 3 hours to ourselves every night after they went to bed. Since we no longer have that we have to use the morning as time to catch up on all of our family business and enjoying each other's company. That has proven to be hard with a 3 year old's demands and a 9 month old's needs. Our one on one time usually has to wait for one of his days off, which he also spends sleeping half the day to try to get back to 1st shift with us. I wish I had more time for just the two of us in the mornings.

I also wish I made more time to work on preschool learning activities with Mr. 3.  He is very active and will need to practice a lot before he can sit through a day of class.

This is one of our typical days at home but we spend a lot of time doing storytime and other activities at our local library, visiting friends, playing outside and going on adventures. 

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