Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{It's a Typical Day Project} - Viv

Hi Houtz House Party readers! I'm Viv from Big K Fam, where I write about my family, my walk with God, life as a working-momma, and my random thoughts. I love Kelly {my blog-world friend that I wish could be my real-life friend}, and I'm happy to share what a typical day looks like at our house.

First, it's not glamorous. It's crazy, chaotic, fun, and most of the time we don't stick to this schedule. 

The mornings are chaotic. I'm a working-momma and spend my mornings at the office, so from 7:30-8am I'm trying to get Caleb {CK} ready and myself ready for the day. My sweet friend MT {CK's second mommy} babysits Caleb while I'm at the office. They go on playdates, to the park, indoor playgrounds, the library, and more. Caleb is really loved by her and her two kiddos. 

I've read Babywise and Pre-Toddler Wise and use their eat/play/sleep schedule. It's not for everyone, but as a working momma this schedule/routine has saved me! CK has been able to put himself to sleep alone in his crib since he was 2 months old, and is a really happy toddler because of this schedule {which is great since we have to use a babysitter everyday}. The best part of the Babywise schedule is, your child will stay happy because the schedule allows you to be flexible. Caleb is a joy to be around as long as we follow the order of eat, then be awake/play, and then sleep. What we do during his "wake time" doesn't matter.

Let me explain my schedule above:
*Free Play--Caleb runs free around the house to play {mostly so I can change out of my work clothes}
*Learning Time--I usually sing songs with sign language {CK's can sign} and read books
*Blanket Time--this is a Babywise learning activity where you place your child on a blanket with 1-2 toys and train them to not leave to boundary of the blanket {we struggle at this}
*Pack'n Play Time--same Babywise "boundary activity" where you create an environment with boundaries and give your child a learning toy to play with 
*Playroom Time--this is where I will play with CK in his playroom

Blanket Time:

Playroom Time {it's very educational as you can see}:

Outside Play Time: 

Honestly, our schedule changes every day, but those are the "typical" activities we do each day.
Thanks y'all for letting me share my not-so-glamorous typical day!!
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  1. New Follower from the Hop! :) We did Babywise and though it worked better for my son than my daughter... both my kids slept through the night by 3 months, and now that my son is 9 years old and newly diagnosed with ADHD, our scheduled life has offered an easy transition and strong foundation, so, for now, he doesn't need to be medicated... It's worth it! Great post!!


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