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{It's a Typical Day Project} Lindsey

Today's {It's a Typical Day Project} mommy has become one of my good good friends even though we live miles and miles apart; she in Ohio and myself in Virginia.  She is a beautiful woman with a sweet countenance and an amazing heart for the Lord.  I think of her OFTEN on my hard days.  As you read about her "typical" day you can't help but be encouraged.  Love you Linds!

Thank you so much, Kelly, for asking me to share a little about our (crazy) day with you.

I am a homeschooling mom to 7 blessings, ages 9-1, with a set of spunky 5 year old twin girls in the

We don’t have a timed schedule, but certain things in our day our pegged to others. For example,
my kids know they have to get dressed before they sit down to breakfast. They have to clean up the
downstairs before they eat lunch, etc. The outline below is what I strive for our days to be like, but this is
REAL life and we are always open for changes that may occur.

Morning: I get up when Kevin does. I pack his lunch and make breakfast. The kids meander down usually
a few at a time and someone always asks, “What are we having?” I usually have to remind some of them
to head back upstairs and get dressed. The kids help set the table, older ones fetch clothes for the two
youngest boys, and it’s loud and busy! We say the blessing before our meal and then eat. I try to remind
them of the agenda for the day to head off any surprises (meltdowns) that might occur. After we eat,
everyone (those feeling cooperative) helps clear the table, unload clean dishes from the dishwasher &
put their dirty ones in. If supper goes in the crockpot, I put that in. We head to the bathroom for teeth
brushing, face washing, and hair fixing. I have 4 girls that need to have their hair done; this sometimes
takes a long time. Next, we meet in the living room for morning prayers and religion (studying the

School time: Gabriel (9) is using Teaching Textbooks for math this year. He does it on the computer
and it doesn’t require too much help from me. If he has a question, I help him, but he can do it mostly
without my help. I sit at the kitchen table with Sophia (7) and we work through Math, Handwriting,
Language, and Reading. Gabriel joins us after he finishes math and does Handwriting, Language, and
Spelling. Sophia is using Explode the Code online for phonics and heads to the computer to do this.
Lastly, we do either history or science depending on what day it is. If it has been a crazy morning we wait
until after lunch. During school, Hazel and Lucy (5) work on preschool (letter tracing and such) if they
want. Otherwise, they might watch a Leap Frog video with Elizabeth (3) and Nicholas (2) or play in the
playroom—make a gigantic mess. I have to stop school frequently to deal with fights, Oliver (1) getting
into mischief, screaming/crying, you name it. Ideally Oliver takes a nap during this time but lately he’s
been fighting that big time. I dread the transition from one nap to two!

Afternoon: The kids straighten up the messes in the living room, office, and kitchen while I make lunch.
Sometimes the older kids complain that they didn't make the mess. I remind them that we serve Jesus
when we serve others and what a blessing they are to our family when they all pitch in and help. We sit
down to lunch, say the blessing, and I often read aloud while we are eating. Then it’s the same drill as
after breakfast with everyone pitching in to clear the mess. We have chores that we do every afternoon
after lunch. I have a chart (in my notebook right now, if I ever find the time I would like to make it bigger
and hang it up in the kitchen) that I use to help me remember what needs done and whose job it is. The
two little boys take a nap. When our cleaning is finished, it’s time free time. The kids might go outside,
watch a movie, play Wii, If I’m really wiped out, I lie on the couch and doze off!

Evening: Dinner prep, bedroom and playroom pick up, Kevin gets home, craziness continues! Again,
after dinner the kids help with clearing the dishes. They go brush their teeth and put on pajamas while I
finish cleaning up the kitchen. We sit down and read books before bed. Then we say prayers and head to
bed. After they are all settled, I get the baby to sleep and finish straightening up. Usually I have a load or
two of laundry to fold!

No day is perfect. Some days are really hard, but I pray for grace to do a better job the next day. Yes, we
are crazy busy. Yes, it’s really loud here. Yes, it’s hard. At the same time it is a fulfilling, amazing, grace-
filled life that I am so am blessed to have.
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  1. I love your typical day Lindsey! ~a fellow Ohioan :)

    And Kelly, it's been forever since I've actually clicked through to your blog. I love the new look!

  2. Love your Typical Day Lindsey! Your household sounds alot like mine I am a busy mama of 6 and I homeschool 2 of them. Cant wait until its my turn in the middle of the month for my typical day! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Grace is what we all need Lindsey, and you have a beautiful family!
    Thanks for sharing this story with us Kelly.
    I have followed your blog for a while now and have been inspired by it. I nominated your blog for the Blog Of The Year 2012 Award! You can find it here:http://www.ugochi-jolomi.com/2013/02/yippee-nomination.html
    Have a super blessed day!


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