Friday, March 22, 2013

So Long

I've been putting off this post.

I have been pretty quiet around here.  I've typed these same words a time or two in the past few months.  The truth is I've been quiet because this mommy blog season might be coming to an end.  My online presence has been less and less and initially I was scared to let it go but I’m ok with that now. 

I have changed so much since I began this journey with this post in 2012.  I never knew just by sharing who I was I’d find a group of friends who shared my struggles, my heart & my faith.  I've become more confident, more accepting, happier and more free.  I've become more creative and more thoughtful.  I've grown into a bolder woman for all that I believe and stand for.  At 32 I like who I am. 

I rediscovered my love for writing and found a voice.

I will never be the same because of Sarah, Christina, Brooke & Britt.  I love each of you so very much.

I'm grateful for Andi for encouraging me to get started in the first place.

As I say goodbye for now to The Houtz House Party I bid you all very best wishes, prayers and love as you continue writing your story.

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  1. I will miss this blog, I learned a lot from you and loved how it helped us reconnect with one another :)

  2. Many blessings to you. I'm getting the courage up to do the same thing. Enjoy where you go next on your journey.

  3. Oh I will miss you my dear friend!

  4. I am grateful to have met you through the blog world. I am more grateful that we met in person and that we have the opportunity to continue to build a relationship. I will miss this blog, but I know it's not the end. Love you girl!!

  5. Wishing you much success as you venture out of the blog world. may God bless all you do.

  6. Loved your blog, but glad you are making choices toward what will make you happy. Hope you'll still stop by every once in awhile! ;)

  7. What? I am going to miss reading about you and your family. Good luck.

  8. I love you friend... so glad to have met you though this little world. I'm not sure where I am headed as well...I'm still in trying to figure it out mode, but blogging has definitely changed me in that I am more confident and intentional with my life as well...

  9. So glad to have met you through this blogging world. Sorry to see you go for now...much love!! xoxo

  10. Oh How sad....I am sure you are making the best decision! I wiHi friends,

    OK I have been in a blogger nightmare the last few days. My .com was high jacked and I have been trying to work out all the kinks so
    Google friends connect and feeds will still work. I think I did it!!!!

    Even if you already re subscribed once IT IS NOT WORKING. I had to adjust some sight settings and you need to do it again.

    Anyway I want to ask once more time that you would visit my new URL and resubscribe through which ever reader you uses.

    This is the instructions to resubscribe through Google friends Connect

    Go to my new address

    Go to Google friends connect and sigh in,
    Then go to options, sight settings hit stop following this blog (on the right hand side)
    Next refresh the page
    last re-follow the blog

    I am so sorry for the hassle. I love the relationships we have built through the internet let keep them going!
    Thank you so much for your support and understanding!
    Teshall miss you!

  11. I totally understand! I am so close to doing this myself.. my motivation for blogging has just completely disappeared lately... You will be missed though!

  12. I totally understand! I am so close to doing this myself.. my motivation for blogging has just completely disappeared lately... You will be missed though!

  13. Gonna miss ya hun.....Blessings as you press on toward your mark! :)

  14. I'm so annoyed. I left a comment on here the other day and it didn't work =( I'm sad you're not blogging anymore, but I am very happy that you blogged long enough that we could meet! and it certainly won't change that fact =) I guess I'll just have to resort to texting and email...

  15. My Comment is gone!! =( Sad face.
    Well... to sum it up....
    You are awesome Kelly and I love you tons!! I hope we get to see each other again soon!!! Xxo

  16. will miss you sweet one. totally understand the tension. enjoy more freedom to just be with your family and love well.

  17. Hi Kelly, just wanted to say that I get so busy during the school year, but your blog was one I sought out to 'reconnect' with this summer! So bummed to read this, but it is totally understandable. Family and life comes first!! I commend you and hope to see you around Facebook or Instagram!! God bless! xo

  18. Kelly! Where have I been!? my eyes are tear filled. you are SO sweet and I LOVE YOU and am SO thankful to have met you through blogging!! I understand your feelings though. Thank God for email and facebook, right? lol

  19. Sorry to hear that, though I understand, especially since you have 4 little ones. Just saw you on Wheel tonight! That was cool. :D


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