Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life a Little Further Down the Road

It’s been awhile.  

Just over 2 years to be exact.  In that time there have been growing kids, multiple moves, new adventures and new friends.  Some days it feels like a lifetime other days I literally feel like I blinked. 

My kids were ages 3, 2 & 1 at that time.  4 toddlers!  I literally have trouble remembering what my life was truly like back then!  

Now, at 5, 4 & 3 many logistical things like going places by myself with the kids or getting them all dressed are so much easier!  They understand they need to hold hands and watch for cars.  They can dress themselves!  (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!)  Things like discipline and all of them talking loudly at one time are more difficult.  Some days I think I’d trade those days of lining all 4 of them up to change diapers and put pj's on and being awoken in the middle of the night for the newer challenges of the whiny voices, strong willed defiance and lots of differing opinions on every evening’s dinner. 

What I've come to understand is that each season comes with fresh blessings as well as fresh challenges.  I also understand that as I become accustomed to one season another is fresh on its heels.  God has grown and challenged me.  God has put me in my place.  God has blessed my ever lovin’ socks off. 

Here’s to an older version of The Houtz House Party.    

Here’s to continuing to record this story of ours so that J and I are able to look back and be reminded of the moments of our lives that seem to move faster and faster with each step. 

But most of all, here's to little boys who NEVER outgrow those plaid ties.  

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  1. Such a beautiful family and a completely lovely mamma.

  2. Kelly!!! Your kids are soooooo stinking cute these days, and I've missed your sweet presence. Glad to hear you're doing well =)

  3. This is really a wonderful post.


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